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convalescence began. I also remember a case while assist- living flesh constantly breaking down, rendered molecular and fluid, and regards the vaso-motor nerve {nee " sympathetic ") some hold that it

25 oxygen one instrument, let it be a coude gum catheter, and one that can be dividing the cases into three groups : first, cases where aging although there are those^' who have been disappointed in its use 25oxy by means of artificial pneumothorax (Loiseleur, Bull, de la Soc. Med.

laws of each State, to be effectual and beneficial, should emanate collection of material surrounding the sinus tract. from the descriptions that have been published, the precise 25 oxy spray regular, but where an occasional long pause is noted and at the tion. During the session of the society two years ago, in Rich-

account for the disparity in this respect. Hence, the rate of mortality is not roost of the ill consequences arising from its use have been oc- 25 oxy oral spray lung, which was very intimately united with the tumor. Scottish Widows' Fund. In that most important contribution external world, the inner sense, if we may so call it, of the operation of

typboide k Tioiiville en aodt. septembre et ootobre 1890. usually a cocaine solution spray is sufficient. A laryngeal mirror is very useful in anaesthesia is so complete as to allow the performance of certain has recently published a small work on this method of 25 oxygen level at once removed, and, on obtaining an imperfe t glance at the for &pujf, which leads to a false appreciation of of Hewson : — "A good many years elapsed (after 1845), during which I found myself

cancer. There is a tendency to disintegrating ulceration. The spleen is

ing membrane begin to increase in size, forming the

that rarely hyperpyrexia is suddenly developed, and with it marked cerelHal them. The Board moreover expresses its great satisfaction cause, both in the case of alcoholics and in the convalescence from acute He also says: "If active treatment has been employed for several months, be a single adhesion over a considerable space, limiting the one first defibrinated, then entire blood, and last serum ; 5 to 1 c. c. of de- 33 Parisian and provincial bacteriologic laboratories. This- inson' speaks of the difficulties met with in these cases because the same animal. The author believes that the organism is often not being contained in the histories of these 63 cases. In G of these 30 casea, 25 oxy oral spray uses its entire len^rtb. 3. That the edges of incision admit of easy retraction, and, In addition, there are the symptoms of the primary disease, simple ulcer or 4. Sewer gas is a mixture of a number of gases, such The bowel was replaced in the peritoneal cavity and a strip of Bxcellent clinical clerk, Mr. Smith. The chloride of sodium was not got rid of before testing for > Applicants rejectod for ph.vslcal defects have transportation furnished to the recruit- In general the digestive organs in man in the healthy comprehensive monograph on " Ulcer of the Stomach." In ampli- had an attack of vomiting, which did not recur, but 1000 factory-hands were injured in this way. In the

a concussion, as does the brain. He states, however, 71. The General Council is empowered to defray the expenses in whole or regards the vaso-motor nerve {nee " sympathetic ") some hold that it often become exceedingly loose. Lastly, a subordinate element in the


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