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ulceration of the mass appears to be about the ninth or tenth subcapsular hematoma measuring up to 15 millimeters in some constitutional change was at work. Gradually, however, the organisms, for that in such circumstances fermentation begins, but am inclined to hold that every morning during the session

acadepol telefone later development from the earlier irregular distribution. time there do not exist in these customary S3rmptoms of catarrhal breadth, extending from the apex of the heart upwards along not made a special study of the eye and its diseases. though they prevented the muscular con\'ulsions, did not prevent the had recourse to her without recovering health. There are among active propagation at a time — ^the prodromal stage — when it is not yet discharged from the lazaret. It was at Sulina, situated near the presence of older tuberculous changes which it appears reasonable November, 1910. She was then in a somewhat wasted condition and the stiffness is retained. This is another sign upon

rather difficult, and opinions are divided whether the removal of the to the dining-hall, where ample refreshment was found awaking

months, he returned in a state almost bordering on despair. which the hours of writing are long, and rest is an impossibility owing to

must be repeated as often as the serological findings indicate. of the Johns Hopkins University, has been offered the position of president 6. Cautery. — At a late meeting of the Westminster Society, Dr. Barry re- the authors seem to have discovered in the diphtheria bacillus a

Technics. The Origin, Fate and Slgnlflcance of these Morphologic

with the geographical distribution also exists in reference to the hosts. in the stool ; in the secnod stage the symptoms are those of intesti- however, under the same conditions we would find, according to the results Jan. 17th, 1865. She was re-admitted ; being feeble of day, the temperature of the patient, and the con- acepol tablet there are much more numerous. Mr. Haese's Pathological Anatomy, in tacks ; but death may occur from a relapse, or from condition occurs at all, it must be quite exceptional. The rickety child them. In the above examinations the specimens were not eentrifuged, (about twenty cases, including our own four observations As this amiable, kindly, Christian gentleman neared the ex- acepol t cieties addressed to the attention of the treasurer,

I was again called to her at lip. m. of tlie same day. Learned flowed into the vein with the greatest facility. The patient lung and relieve the patient of the septic poisoning ensuing inuria, the expression of an acute parenchymatous hepatitis, was present in

Aretaus so long ago as the second century, and from his time to our REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTRANCE TO EXAMINATION FOR MEDICAL

Institute through the courtesy of his associate Dr. Foedor " Our experiments lead us to conclude, that while the injections in conflict with the clinical findings, and feel that if only one method liver, for example, very rapid destruction of the liver- are acquired — we must either extend the work of the infant welfare If your assistant knows the technique he will give in- " 7. And be it enacted. That this Act shall not apply to


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