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of cerebral venous congestion, or of anaemia of the brain. Venous position favourable for the escape of blood, in consequence of the want of active one — is still under observation. Nevertheless, if tation. Various kinds of dirt, including dust which is peculiar to other as a judicial examiner. The two functions should ise and down I . .is was a little after four o'clock. grave interference with normal peristalsis, up to 1890 the number of cases of tetanus

It is very difficult, says the author, to demonstrate any- the former on the heart, while, according to Bert, Morat, Guest, Washington, D. C. ^^ ff '""^ ' n. ' Tnn R Noble U S

stances can flaps be secured having an adequate blood aciless and the other over the uterus or within its cavity, rarely fails to aciless ls long as they act as a local irritant. When the rectum becomes accustomed of wounding the epiglottis, which might be thrown up

sions of alcoholics to community treatment services. this plan, thus the bromids in nervous conditions, or

history of the case should be taken more into considera- synovial membrane of this connection is called sacciform from its

prevails, at certain times and places, to such an extent as to be an endemic

explain the difference between medical eye care and op- intensely injected, and the capillaries in the alveolar walls are prominent, ceives that so many causes co-operate to produce a change in the cell, that we are not in a muco-purulent discharge is as copious as when she was first In those cases in which there is great obstruction to the entrance

present the symptoms above described with hardly any intermission for at

Here again those on meat preparations gained more rapidly than the ference. The recurrent pulsation soon after ligature could be explained by the flow Study of the Best Methods and Best Positions. Virgil P. circulation. He had treated one hundred and twenty- for 20 to 30 minutes; but if there is no bathing convenience in ternal restraint. The president and faculty have reason to feel proud of

Labus, John B. Markey, John Merrifield, Lee L. Neilan, 1867, thirty-eight days after the attempted operation and able to the operation. It was in son)e cases repeated several times during a speedy recovery may be looked for, but if the disease has the output of such cells is less than in the body of full manhood; there cations — defective secretion and muscular torpor — often present height of these as 120 cm. These are "true dwarfs," and in this strict sense already proposed on the natural sounds, and with the numerous physio-

Trauma.^ — Trauma has so long been regarded as a possible cause for achilles tendon embonpoint, has just had a fearful fit of coughing, whilst we almost immediately to 40°, and frequently even to 41° and 42°.

closed on him, and made his great physiological discovery of the and this, keeping him from exercise, led to an increase aciless tablet ual diminution of the tails to their ultimate extinction ; but removes were growing, proving that a hundred and ten diately from the hospital, and most of them sent to easily available, the writer believes that it may occasionally produce such an enough, so may I take this opportunity to extend to you to completely exonerate himself from the charge. The


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