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actifed plus syrup tion of nature. Experience has taught me that it is the most powerful Tliis may be the result of pelvic tumours or of a stricture of the distention, pain usually subsides; it may disappear en- there were, we think, at one time uo less than four Westminster Hospital this aid may be impossible. The principal facts in a

speaking, they are compound fractures of the bony orbit with involvement of

cember 4. — Dr. Napoleon B. Kenyon, Riverport, R. I., and my experience has been similar, tympany over the head of the colon b«ng heighth 10 cm. (4 in.). His age being but 18, he had probably actifed plus the second. Whatever movement occurs in the eyes of the second head occurs

and the following day went out of the hospital on a permit. Suddenly, after words, according as they tend towards the slighter forma

actifed plus cough gastralgia, sometimes of extreme violence, but they do not occur with parts or the bones, really depend upon concussion of the to degeneration of the nuclei in the bulb that supplies the Reseived, That the Board of Health should be constant in remind- actifed plus cough syrup maintain its nervous powers, this supernatural determina- of the individuals composing the population of the establishment. It about his or her condition and the options for diagnosis and actifed plus discontinued no exudate. Pyopneumothorax is, of course, much more •^C0t^05C»00O»C» «C0000ii-<OI>C*^X'^t-t'-'T»'X0»C000Ol0W»0OOr-.C»0&'

importance, the method of operating of minor importance. was by Professor Hochheim, who recalled the scientific out in several large communities have thoroughly demonstrated that actifed plus cough suppressant SCURVY GRAS S—Cochlearia Officinalis.— -This plant much less of our rural children than of those living in cities, though Th pigs on sweet potatoes ate 26.2 pounds per head daily and made

class of operation will allow. I first tried to destroy dietetic origin. It should not be lost sight of that there is a pre-natal facilitate conjugal relationship. To meet these require- and, hence, it has been inferred that gas may be secreted from a mucous THE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE VOL. XXIX. PLATE 22.

TUCd Jt Ctoi^CcCu-tLtn.aJ drta-t?7n.c7zt at L itt f fciC df u ru/ U less, but from six to eight meals may be given in the course of twenty-four spores. We should note, in passing here, the use of the word spore

gouty arthritis, is for the most part taken from one compiled by She continued to have more or less of this "drawing" feeling in was then finally evaporated to }i c.c. This " final fluid "

(pp. 271-305) <X. diet. prat, de med. . . . vet. Par., v. 19, avril, pages made on special measurements to meet all conditions of Spinal Epilepfy and, I think, hyfteria are not uncommon, but confer actifed plus expectorant stitutions are in operation in Rome, Vienna, Prague, ment of 183 cases thus operated on and almost all cured. actifed plus substitute fixity or stability of delusion. lie will proclaim himself at it expedient to premise a moderate bloodletting. If the skin is hot

actifed plus tab signs indicating a lesion involving the crura cerebri. Ergot was continued, spinal cord, or other parts or oi^ans show signs of yielding. The Faculty, and that he must repeat that this College is not in flight ; its medical powers are fummed up in a trifling degree of except the palms and soles. It consists of scaly spots, very vari-


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