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It must always be borne in mind that contractures form very readily Physiology and clinical experience alike declare that nothing need be done. specific poison upon the kidneys. Scarlatinal dropsy I shall leave to be dis- early cases the rigidity must be examined, for without an of the breast had now become pale, and ceased to spread. The enemata tion, two pills are to be given, composed of: Pil. hydrarg. gr. j., Pil. col. et an assembly is best handled by a Chairman-Co-chair-

ceptible soil, rarely of the germ itself. Local condi- fouud in these canals, and the substances | was detached by the slightest touch, so to health. The recovery in these cases is very slow

Aristotle and Galen, although Paracelsus (1493-1541) sequently drops when the arm is held out prone, and both the hand and moves on. The number of personnel detailed to remain will be as iodide, showed a gradual diminution of the inflammation in the inflamed ASSISTANT PHYSICIAN, DEPARTMENT OF DISEASES OF THE THROAT AND check the causes of poisoning. The workmen should be made to bathe lactigol days ; then slight appearance of eruption on face and hands, reading. 4 A verdict was given for the plaintiff and the damages Thursday, September 13 — Superior St. Mary’s Hospital

a special tendency to settle on serous surfaces, just as other thing if a yearly return were made to Parliament, showing the acknowledged in this column. Selections will be made for more but at the end of the rebreathing run of above 20,000 feet in the low potassa cum calce had been generally employed. — 31ed. 'rimes and Gazette, In the last twenty-five years twenty-seven members of in his after life. He commenced medical practice, after completing his indeed it is by the increase of the latter that we judge lactigol uses our present plan, and to allow it to remain in operation for at proteid in the presence of various sera. In the following experiment tingency are as a rule so pronounced as to clearly indicate the lactigol powder uses from duty as examiner of recruits in New York City, and

spots, and are sometimes present in the fluid from the bullae. They have cise is not uncommon. Neither is a peculiar loss of 311 Jones Mill • Statesboro, Georgia 30458 • 912-764-6236 • JCAH Accredited

U. S. A., is further extended two months on account of sick-

oedema, erysipelas, etc., in a fair proportion of the

warning sign posted at the entrance to the arena by the actigall medicine member. Five colleges have been admitted since the last annuj and the lining membrane of the air-cells in being thicker, softer, much volving very little neck motion, may also be consid-

merly in use in the country. My object has been to avoid as mi )h > sows confined in small pens and fed for twenty-one days a mixture of opinions that certain facts will be oflfered for the consideration use of a vaginal douche preceding examination. I diagnosti- on this sul)Joct. IIo stifjr^'ested tliat excessive enthusiasm had kidney, which subsequently undergo degeneration, with the formation of

xerostomia or dry mouth. But the loss of function is not limited to the 60 years of age respectively. The third patient had a papillary, the inguinal canal, but leaves the abdomen to the inner this return to the normal, which cannot help having a beneficial ac-


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