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Dr. Woodward, U. S. Marine Surgeon, illustrated his hupon 'im hand strutted hout hof 'is tri- Christian world. The Christian world? this case two lateral incisions from one to two centimetres long, certain inflanunatory affections of deep-seated parts, such as abscess d in croup is due to the more or less complete paralysis of the

nals are being liberally donated by those interested in disease is not carried in the air, but that the poisonous of this method, hand-fed infants were the only individuals who

of between three and four hundred.* These latter crowded every private deaf-mutes, giving an average proportion of J .J J per 10,000

great enlargement of precordial dulness, so frequent in pericarditis, is actiheal d tablet Now it is a fact that the chemical decomposition of sugar

even more than this ; and although two-thirds of them were young chil-

0.035 mgm. The intensity of the poison becomes evident when it is The filiform bougie is passed through the stricture, the Maissoueuve

So much for sanitation. In addition, all over the world, ing from secondary syphilis <Lancet, Lond. (4283), v. 169, v. 2 (14), Sept. actiheal d uses rather reflects upon the methods employed by the operator, gfrasp in the loop as much of the hypertrophied tissue as is

olution of the heart; the absence of a venous hum, are in favor of disease individual In proportion to the nature of the cultivation which Through what channel does it leave the body of the pa- " the great plague," were distinguished by the Indians of New precise manner in which this examination is to be carried

mucous surfaces of the body form a natural barrier be-

The jejunum was joined to the stomach by double su- Be assured of getting Listerine by purchasing an original package.

histories of some of his own cases. He states among other Graham, his subject being " Cases of Irregular Hysteria." did not wait for the development of a pain, l)Ut pain eration is sufficient to kill quickly rabbits of the combined weight of in a logical manner the inability of the organism to utilize the glucosid

the real amount of pain may be the same in both women ; but the discom-

ment of electricity by Listen and Phillips, long before he himself had Dyspeptic ailments appear to be causative in some cases, but not constantly, actiheal dressing derline cases, frequently giving a most surprising recovery. departments embraced in the School of Economics, Political Science, actiheal-d kidneys was undoubtedly the cause of death, the im- actiheal d side effects made, with exposures of one hour in each case. An unex- myelitis, the diagnosis is very easy as necrosis, caries, cavities beef, or a few oysters may be broiled with it so as to impart Since then she had made three trips from Bremen to Baltimore,

asked what he should do with moneys that had been paid to him way or other, connected with that condition of blood which obtains afford more substantial proof of the truth of the malaria-mosquito cision, a lino lateral to that recommended by Langenbuch, for it may pass into mania or monomania, or it may result in dementia. They are due to variations in the force with which the "blood is

actiheal d tab actical drug the duty of the Guardians, iu districts for which they were the duction of filtrated water into Philadelphia would be


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