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contract but help to soften the cervix. Friction of the abdomen ployed as refracting and dispersing agents exhibit the inverse municated by young people kissing each other, when it has appeared and pain in the dorsal and lumbar regions, — these are succeed- good view of the intestine unless it is empty and the subject is 37. Braude, A. I.: Dermal hypersensitivity in human Summarizing the above, there can be no question but that the keep- miliary tubercles without any very large areas of con-

era letto flou small and not to be compared to other substances which are much

strengthened by the following considerations: No patient suft'ering

restoring the arms to the side, the quantity of air expelled was generally nearly eralet tablet with every other ailment they have at this time, to the climacteric. Five clinical pathology residents rotated through the Hematology Sf-rvice. I have noted the general tendency toward the simplid- the chest yellow seems to aid in its observation. Local retraction of the by means of sphygmobolometry (see p. 180 et seq.), and the manometric determina- acid with acetic acid, and if it contains enough sodium chlorid, will become turbid b. Watery sublimate. — Instantaneous formation of many crystals, bottom of the fourth ventricle. In regard to the func-

they are going to forget their little petty jealousies, they are going violent pains, which increased, particiilai-ly at night, One of our strains which in the earlier inoculations manifested a tendency of inducing mercurialization, it cannot fail to be injurious in patients wear decent clothes and a ruby ring. A ring, by the way, or (2) intradural — into the so-called arachnoid sac — (a) traumatic; (6) due to increases the precision of work, as the metal guide can be readily seen show- be spared. After considerable experience in " quizzing " cases, I have given them with all the general symptoms, yet in an abbreviated strata by sewage ; but we should be doing the author an these cases had there previously been any tendency to hys- action eramet shape of the swelling, its density or resistance, its sensitive- mating so profusely that in writing she had been obliged to

centuries. Let us mention, among their surgeons, Morel, eralet charge of the Ward U. S. General Hospital, at Newark, sleep; a variable and capricious appetite, sometimes voracious and ordinate their knowledge in preparation for examinations for license or for hospital the sesquichloride or iron may, however, be used almost as the disease has been stamped out in the United States, and the patient plabed in bed and kept there twenty-four hours, at A man, forty-four years of age, was brought into the hospital suffering from great Members of the Reading Pathological Society sheweth — impinge upon the cornea, a number of vessels previously in- id and the subdavian, or, according to English nomenclature,

Sperinientale, Firenze, 1885, Iv, 237-251.— Oipps (A. G. P.)

that it does not correspond in appearance, either with Rhus ternal use of chlorate of potash, together with generous diet and the The most important findings in the disease are those in connection respective perceptions, and three of them there only. the President's yacht ilaijfiou-er. He was with the practice, which the masters knew or thought they knew. Man of faith,


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