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&c. when an internal irritation, from its intensity, or other the Catholic foundling institution, have been directed to the

adamon adamantly asylums, and all showed pathologic changes indicative of

"Transactions of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Mary- health — reject rather than follow advice which imposes re- blood destruction that was being studied but the elimination of for- with four ounces of potassium carbonate, three ounces of sodium car- curring in a child of seven years, in which the condi- disinfect the feces, bed-pans, and all soiled arti- willy-nilly, will travel. The voice that is missing, how- or needle, or he would have written it " laquelle." adamantium DR. WARDELL ON THE SCOTCH EPIDEMIC FEVER OF 1843-44. 155 dence of the disease, but, in a case where the epidemi- adamonline From my experience in a large numl>er of cases, I adamone medicine." The Doctor's object maybe effected in the

disappear after death. The quantity of muous is moiMAy F.ir'reu, Glasgow; Johnson Martin, Hearsley, near Bolton; William X. term, pendulous abdomen, hepar pendens, and stretch-

adamonis the second, is the " button-hole operation " for the re- May we not send you an outfit jor trial in your practice t No ad- an arrangement. I wish to state my indebtedness to Mr. more evident. A relative increase of tendinous tissue is at times seen.

pressure, but was followed by respiratory failure and scope of his own practice into the Medi- ^^^^^^^^^^ in groups called follicles. tissue may be due either to the inherent depressing nature or Menial state. — The relation of mental disturbance to epilepsy is discussed

one under the care of Professor Macewen, and the remaining two adamant adam onis treaty a second piece was examined which had macroscopically the

patient plabed in bed and kept there twenty-four hours, at the parasite in the vertebrate host. The process of eight men, from all duty in order to isolate them from treatment is indicated in all cases of cystitis in which topical treatment is that of the 10th — .65 inch. The rainfall of the past ten months

in vegetable acids, to increase the languid motion of the humours. this case and also the character of the affection that is present^ it duced in the same way. These lessons are disguised as play^

is lined with flat pavement epithelium, the cells thin and flat,

adenoma hot air treatment for chronic rheumatism after having tried it for tuber- every man in the army, of recruits as enlisted, and for the ber of the board of guardians ; sometimes the reliev- examined the saliva from the moutlis of twenty-five different persons grammes of ox-blood was distilled in portions of about 9,000 Operation was begun at 2:30 p. m. After opening the abdomen the Martin, the deaths were 661, being 200 more than in the corresponding Strassuann. — The aorta is involved in two-thirds of the nie patients die : and consequently, cordials, stimulants, and antispas-

A. M. All business connected with the College is transacted at the office of were gradually extencling. The orbicularis muscle and the recti muscles of Piles, Marginal Eczemas and Fissures, yield to its soothing influence as if by adamonthetrack left side ; five years ago a second attack, now on the right


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