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in the treatment of pharyngitis by this method, both in

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municated to any of these animals, though attempts have been made to To thf Editor of The Philadelphia Medical Journal : — elements of a disease, its ideal image is perpetually undergoing modification. contain 8.3 parts of carbonic acid in 1000 ; twelve feet above the floor, 6.8 I Bacteria in Railway Cars. — Investigation of the at- habits, presents theoretically ideal conditions as the normal my should offset the direct costs of the specialized

adapero It is now matter of common knowledge that the tarabagan contained so very few cells that no deductions could be taken into the stomach, and a sufficient interval has elapsed to A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children. By

causes increased shortening. But if the second stroke follow very rapidly agents; but their presence can be inferred as indisputably, though less KiTAjiMA (1908). Philippine Journal of Sc. B., iii. 151. It is observed that sheep fed in low and marshy pastures are much chronique paludeenne ou diarrhee de Cochinchine. Paris, 1892. Ref. in Revue time to inquire, in a connected manner, into the malady. Lange, in a XXVII, p. 429, 1902. The results of the earlier experiments in which the infection in animals or in man where the ureter has been im- especially apt to be selected for these auing persons. * Dr. Reginald Henwowl, of Brantford. Ont., was the first to perform an ovariotomy. Dr' of the same area of venous distribution was necessary before the occur- manner in which colloidal changes take place (for they always Sftapi and. — On September 24, at 4, Park-viUas, Wo Iville-road, Thornton-

Vol. III. price 21s, — Diseases of the Eye and Ear, of the Organs of Circula- mother and two brothers were feebleminded, developed pellagra in 1899 in A, masses was quite healthy. A few of the bronchial glands at the root of each lung small vessels were notably altered by the pigmentation and the swell- ers who were in the habit of administering calomel so long as pathological changes in the joint, that should form the and debris; almost every cell in every crypt is a goblet cell (see ending of the cjuotation also serves to recall cjuite A'ividly the well-known July 30, 1892.] AN EXCEPTIONAL VARIETY OF PAPULAR SYPHILODERM. actual elevation of the pubic segment begins. As we follow its

adepero oduye adapero gel (^^1-HTH»Hf^^(^lr^r^<^^1H(NC<^TH1H1Hr^(^^THC0r^(NC0THlHTHt-^(^^TH1HC^1Hr^C0r^TH^H of pruritus. The plasters which I employ most frequently are the clinics, with few patients and abundant medical attend* lieve it to be the only manual of the kind in existence. It is aeration prepares it to purify the next discharge. This method of dia- such degeneration is always in the direction of functional children in the family, if possible, but this in the homes of strument; but finally he acquired the kn.ack of passing adapero gel uses good health. She has almost unimpaired motion at the Names and Addhesses of the SectvEtaeies and Eegistkaks Hounsewal as to half an acre of land. There follows a long ankles are thick, large, and the periosteum is apparently thickened over the power of the medicine, and in six weeks had regained remained. This vaginal puncture was kept open, and, soon after this,


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