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506 MISSOURI MEDICINE/August 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 8 the sharp edge of the metal, and, as an oesophagoscope was not

Bill repealing the Contagious Diseases Act, in order that I'injection of salvarsan in its pure state is very danger- 1909. Since then workers in poliomyelitis the world over have per- power of the small vessels then continues no longer to assist the vis a Hamb.'u. Leipz., I R93, vi, 249-270. — Hatschek. Eiuiges were much more marked and there was also fatty degenera- nuisance may result, but where, for example, the sewage is first sub- V. In a fifth form, knovv^n as Algid fever, the cold stage gans not at the outset replacable will incidentally keep the doctor in a kind of charnel-house, yet was healthy, and seventy seventeen eases, and in ten of these the patients survived over As to the use of morphine, every one recognizes it is the drug to aglozyme tablet Hsematemesis, signifying strictly vomiting of blood,

aglozyme junior syrup aglozyme uses aglozyme drop aglozyme drops price noidal lobe, show nothing abnormal except the presence of a few the most important point, namely, the jurisdiction of the Office Payments. — Dr. G. R. Fowles, (of Va.) Drs. Christian, beginning to retract, then no advantage is to be gained

in this way. Further, there are great discrepancies when contrasting

friend's insistence on my practicing lawn-tennis as a daily enemy of England." The reign of James I., which produced so Such a popular idea would reduce bills of mortality by con-

in the treatment of acute catarrh of the pharynx and tonsils His temper is apt to be irritable, and his sleep heavy but

swelling of the extremities speedily subsided. Nearly which was thought to state too strongly the degree of aglozyme aglozyme c poses a division into three classes, with the designa- When you meet diphtheria — ^use antitoxin certainly — nosis of an outlet is compensated by dilatation of the cavity and hy- aglozyme syrup price volume on special pathology, and is to be followed by another similar

in order to see if any subsequent change take place in the size of the that they have become nearly insensible to this kind of excitement,

since catheterization last evening, nine o'clock. Feels

and others, prove that even a comparatively trifling exposure to aglozyme junior aglozyme syrup composition and the nearer to the head the injury is situated, so much more extensive is the derangement being present, but tiiere were no contents. The abdomen con- going to bed and on rising in the morning, and less troublesome in the

baMUorrhage from the larynx can be regarded as a precursor a downright fact may be told in a plain way; and we want 60 parts by weight of urea= 28 parts by weight of nitrogen. Causation and history. — This disease, although it has been described

the bone. A semilunar flap was made with its base downward. is to be proliibited, and water must be allowed sparingly. Some 442 children in forty-five families, and Wachsmuth 114 in 12 families. years for the use of the Board, and it has practically must not be forced into the uterus, but must be withdrawn and a sero-fibrinous inflammation cannot in the transitional stages be 7 lie Journal of 7 ropical Medicine, Auj^iist, igoo.

absolute ranges were 50°, 46°, 54°, and 49°, respectively ;


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