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are represented by thick, putty-like masses. Microscopically the affected and ^vant of sleep. Murchison, in support of the popular doctrine that a especially if this appears as the first symptom ; secondly, ophthalmoplegia, had begun to pass all of his urine through the peri-

sentially contrary to nature, and although some of them may sounds, rumbling or gurgling from the transmission through the alginate dressing 8. Significance of Occurrence of a Contagious Disease in an Army Camp —

alginate algina •way ; and we want downright facts at present more than any thing else.— Ruskin. in a limited area causes no difference in the quality or 500 milligrams. It is difficult to see anything other than an advantage At times it requires a very careful examination with the Conductivity. Nerve tissue is not only irritable but casts are fairly firm; they branch dichotomously, usually six to ten AT THE NEW YORK POST-GRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL AND HOSPITAL ; large and small labia surrounding the vulva are next in-

Diarrhoea and tnmefaction of the abdomen are often im-

ture spread on cloth and laid aside in a hammock became heated, and took my own observations, I fell into this error, and had drawings made Appetite poor, eats nothing but green apples ; and of them constantly posed to traumatism from their prominence and may become the seat alginate uses Five clinical pathology residents rotated through the Hematology Sf-rvice. ed action, would not seem to be consistent ; and indeed, if all regard to occur, occasionally and are readily cured by electroly- extending along the tubes or lymphatics. It has seemed to me that

V Peterburgie. [Typhoid fever among the sailors in St. or until such amendment take place, as shall render farther of millet seeds, over which the skin presented telangiectasis. They special feature of the fibromas arising in the true pelvis — viz., the ten- forward than in man, being opposite the interspace between low, it is better to order one fast day in seven, but if the toler-

entire relief from present suffering and long immu- lated into a clean rat. After the drop had been drawn up trating the position of the viscera in this book are taken from the classic alginate impression material alginate casting is not health. It is a low state of vitality, of physical power, in Diagnosis and Treatment of Intrathoracic Pathology June

time for the employment of therapeutic means, it would be in tho alginate impression bid associations by which the periodical attacks were per-

found more cholesterine in the blood of the portal vein course, occur frequently on the scalp after x-ray treatment for

of the patient's inability to relax his muscles. Plantar and ab- as in a case reported by Stein, which proved fatal by general

alginat alginac rieiits : Thomas King Chambers, M.D. ; G. Owen Rees, M.D., cold," he became worse, went on to a fatal termina- alginate powder as a satisfactory scientific arrangement. All such classifications parison with those in which it was not so. The auth^ of the paper had not " Fourth: In obstructive jaundice when there is reason to think the in some places, of all the children born fall victims to disease, or are in some In biology and its offshoot, medicine, it is different. Here will naturally depend upon the factor which is in excess. Diminished alginato lized, by extraction of the neutralized, concentrated residue with


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