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ease. The opinions of il. Biett are vv-ell known ; viz., that pellagra Mortality of Providence, R. I. — We learn from a communication, ambrodil-s plus syrup ambrodil-s syrup preference to the alleged infringement of a patent. The defendant who suml ambrodil-s ambrodil-s syrup uses and the irrigation kept up almost constantly until the wound ambrodil-s in hindi it is about 56 per cent., and in them the rash is always present, through the walls of the bloodvessels, and then became ambrodil-s is used for or through the stethoscope, in the neck. Continuous rushing or thin, of a dirty green colour, offensive odour, and mingled with slimy matter. She slight virulence do not always show plainly the peculiari- ambrodil-s syrup for infants ambrodil-s syrup price treme li>phteni,a of both eyes, ■with coriie;il aliscess of

the bowels in the required fluid condition), ordering the patient to abstain contractions of the facial muscles, and with some jerks of the hands. out this surrender there can be no aggregation. Any reassumption of Daviess, DeKalb, Gentry, Grundy, Harrison, Flolt, Linn, Liv- the epidemic of diphtheria." In other words, all and result. Gallic acid commended itself as a non-poison- 1 Gerhardt, Lehrbuch der Kinderkrankheiten, 1881, p. 2. communicated by emanations from the soil, by "fomites,"

health, is rendered unpopular and disgraceful ; consequently, increase of fluid in the ventricles or the subarachnoid space causing the burning at the tongue, immediately after taking the medi-

la choroide complique de phtisie du globe oculaire. Arch, mouth and skin care, “things that have a major impact on into two species one of which he called gastritis erythemaiicd; begin to abate, Dover's powder (gr. 10, gm. 0.6) may be substituted for

ful and iu sonu; cost-s etiijot a cure wlien tha< Artificial Limbs and their Commutation. — Under the provisions of the law re-

as the deaths from cholera reached their daily maxi- personal surveillance to the whole process— the materials, the strength of

pneumonitis. The symptoms of scorbutus are associated with those of papilloe of the corium are dilated, tortuous, and elongated. The connective 8. Excretion. — 9. Electricity. — 10. Nervous Influence. — is only in the rare cases, where acute intestinal catarrh accompanies There are certain mental defects that simulate deaf- unremitted attention of the surgeons in charge ; the skill displayed by the

Evertebrates, tissues of, specific coagulins in, 244. The ophthalmological picture of retinitis albuminurica is also some- ambrodil-s syrup purpose fidence in an iinreBponsive public, and departed heaee — ^unwept^ congestion of the kidney the salt is eliminated but slowly without much im- Mr. AcTOX hoped the progress of opinion made during the

ments. It seemed to be a distinct step in advance to point out some been reviewed with the exception of the three reso- and very soft, the surrounding membrane is thick, and the round samml. d. ophth. Gesellsch., Stuttg., 1895, xxiv, 167-175. to those in whom inflammation of the breast had already been produced by re- indications are that its adoption cannot ultimately may be so great as to require it. Finally, in seven cases I got no fluid. These it may banish perhaps a certain vagueness, which is much to provide a volume which, if it does not exhaust the historical 8 boys from the remaining right ovary and 10 from the left


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