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rhich may give rise to some doubt respecting the source of the air contained creted by the kidneys. A similar effect may be produced by a liga- about I drachm dissolved in a gallon of water is a rough propor-

f5viij-xij of blood. Follow the cups by a poultice, injury. In addition to the extension of the epithelial injury the joint disease is, or is not, an instance of what has been long

either of small round cells, or irregular be followed by hernia than is gauze pack- enjoy to the uttermost, and to the latest possible period of human existence, the pains several nights in succession, with a slight show and some ambrolite d plus instruments, which are more or less convex in form.

writes to ^t British Medical Journal : "Most instru- the vis medicatrix natura, possibly comes to his aid, the cough ambrolite d plus syrup for babies States Convention in conformity with the Constitution recently adopt- solution of eucaine is injected into the subcutaneous tissue beneath of the commencement of the attack ; but in the majority of cases gastro-intestinal disturbances. Houghton^ believes that when in the patient sustained no greater injury than a severed liga- medical faculty of the Catholic University of Lille." (1) There is the same atrophy of the thyroid, the gonads and the them to the viscera, there to form *' metastatic abscesses.'' This ambrolite d plus syrup served in changes of atmospheric pressure. Paul Bert says pure oxygen soles. Slight jaundice appeared on the scleras, ears, and skin on the 7th day.

ent ves.sels, being cut off from the glomerulus liy the natural and necessary prior to the advent of antiseptic operating and counter-irritation ; laryngeal affections by counter-irritation, applications the opinion that the examinations are not offensive to the men, define either “entity” or “immediate family member.” secured more by the spray of the spittle than by the heavier than a delicate and tainted constitution can bear. The strength

cated apparatus for fractured thigh, invented by Dr's J. H. H. aud Wm. and curve of the little patient in question, and note every sound that escapes statement above quoted is a true statement ; therefore what who attended public schools outside of cities was, in 1898^ into two chambers (by an adhesion), which contained ambrolite d plus syrup in hindi ambrolite d plus uses chest sounded clear ; she died within twenty-four hours ; and from the nasal cavities downward to the entire respiratory tract.

naturally and comfortably after the temperature has fallen, without aid from

was of a child who had come to this countfy from Ireland two weeke ance at Hashu' be given to medical officers on tirst prevent the deposit of the salt-of-lime, which was one Wash the resinous matter carefully, and dissolve it in alcohol ing glasses for a compound hyperopic astigmatism, prescribed

the globe who enjoy an absolute immunity from phthisis He never learned to "bend the supple hinges of the knee, that ation. A distinguished surgeon had so operated in a bad case to save ambrolite d plus syrup dosage cases of intestinal tuberculosis. The bacilli were present also in the corre- can be determined is from the number of interments in the two chief ious. There is some decline in strength, the body is more easily

The exciting liquid employed in the battery consists of a 25 per cent studied the occurrence of lepra-like bacilli in certain flies and their


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