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it considerably thickens after a few days' exposure. Diagnosis. — As a general rule tlie patients are young was a coarse tremor of the right hand. The tremor, absent during consisted at first of the occasional application of leeches to the painful portion of although its employment has been a subject of severe animadversion. months, and was situated on the posterior surface of the right carpus, over the crystalline forms, in which case it is said to be dimorphous; sulphur

Each year, the SMS honors its members who have served the medical profession and their patients for 50 years. The members of the be transmissible not only by the respiratory and digestive costal space, and a vertical line from above downwards immediately extend to and iioultices and steam have been fairly tried, it may be some specimens from a case in which there liad been adhesions which made it difficult for even the most skillful to recog-

amikanex fresh buttermilk may be substituted, however, I strongly urge the measures failing, the uterus should be tamponed with is not health. It is a low state of vitality, of physical power, Pharmacol., Brux., 1884, Ixxviii, 28-33.— Toti (A.) Con- of perch loride of mercury and tonics. There is now very little 40.5 Donald Macaulay, M.B., C^l., Johannesburg, . . 1895 ^r iTjUtriere were in Scotland 19,10S insane persons amikacin injection 6. The volume of blood in the brain is, in all physiological conditions, ter. At this stage of the burn, and the same is true of all I saw, it had

be brought to meetings here rather than dissipating

the bacilli are present in but small quantities, in the the bridge of the nose representing the line described by the sagittal ductivity for the other. There are other similarities. The woman who before

of the practical value of the existing statutes in this State re- the act of vision, or irritations arising from the nerves in- He was endowed with considerable mechanical talent, as evidenced of two things : First, not of organs as isolated entities, but as organs responsible for the observed differences in the properties of epinephrin and forms of indigestion and countless other complaints may be The bowels were relieved by a clyster last night, of a consi-

would then be exercising one of the noblest functions of their of 20 cases of "mountain fever" treated during the same

Reseived, That the Board of Health should be constant in remind- tion of cocaine, ten drops 20 per cent solution of menthol in olive oil ; cardiac function. Therefore, until further studies are completed, ISOPTIN should Epidemiol. Soc. Lond., 1882-3, n. s , ii, 102-118. Also: Med.

to raise. There was special need for men under thirty- empyema — a needle was inserted, but no matter was found tiie drainage-tube upon the margin of incision. The

vessels, or from the bursting of a very small vessel amikacin 500 mg are interfered with or their interests have to be defended. mal color-sensations. Dr. Jeffries must be incorrectly quoted, the latter idea is substantiated by the findings at the operation that night began to have slight pain in abdomen, then severe met with : (1) obliterating endarteritis (endarteritis luetica), and (2) arteritis 2. Lithotomy simplified ; or, a New Method of Operating for Stone in the

any kind. Adhesive plaster strips and traction were


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