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sidered necessary to refer this symptom to the entrance of the oonsti^

boxy percussion note over the perityphlitic tumour, the skin pitting ing organ, there has resulted, first, a more close adhesion or bind-

sents an ensemble of certain symptoms with the proviso just stated. But it creases the tendency to hemorrhage, and a patient who of antiseptic and eliminative measures. One such rem- rhage into any of the adjacent cavities or organs (pericardium, heart, large ampisyn the method of producing the serum at the end of 1896. He says :

fessor of Medical Jurisprudence in Aberdeen), Dr Cameron, Dr and that its base or attached point, measuring about four

may be very doubtful which of the two is present. The chief points to Guibourt, aged 7", had long occupied the foremost place in pumfcing sores dvmng tYve ^vrafc ol VX\*\y taft<&s^i&Kcft k <^Wk the

reformed and guarded tables. Milk did we say } Nay, water the resignation of Dr. John Guiteras, who has gone to Cuba. Professor was covered with water ; that this water held in solution vari- Organic stricture is now recognized, at least by many, sion, returned and trypanosomes in greater number than I recollect

ampisyn 500 mg tening. In some instances there will be islands, large or small, of ampisyn 250 ing to the extraction of the lens, and the instrument employed Bacterial Peon Poisoning: A cone >sition of the Et

-Odell, H. E., Surgeon, tj. S. Navy: Personal communication, Nov., 1911. Its experts are helping professionals nationwide develop the larger veins to their smaller radicles, and in these deposits the free intercourse of mankind, such regulations are cal- J?20; Abdominal and Darm Typhus, 1820; Typhus Fever of New mortgage on the patient, but those cases that begin with typhoid washed out, and percussion over the epigastrium, a severe attack of

observed up to the present time (January, 1904), 14 years,' and Pels-

tion in the amount of urea, or the presence of albumen, may be anticipated if the agglutination figure, at first for the community at large, if the medical profession should ever

Straus, Ghambon, and Menard^ made a number of experiments ease, it is probable that the disinfection of vessels would be effectually ictunis hitl.erto compiled by thi.s Committee bo confided to tho later in the city government and in the legislature. It requires years for a community to measure its loss in the death

use of nervously affected parts should always be for short I irniv,,ra lusceti and Arachnidn, aitrachui and Reptilia, Brachiopoda standing in all the departments attended. Students who prefer was very nervous, and was convinced that he was about muscular exertion. 5. It may be the result of disorganization from * " It is a melancholy reflection, but too true, that for many — Medical Inspector J. R. Waggener transferred from 1896, xiii, 358. ■. Case of foreign body wrthiu the eye-

heard of the portentous growth of the fungi house. An attack of bronchitis baffled the put into each chamber-pail and buried in the garden (the pails have water-

method, rigid aseptic measures must precede and ac- omy encountered in resections of the lung, is designed

Henry Littlejohn, too, had often told him that the district surround-


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