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for any reason, one desires to change the amount of protein in

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to the fact that the cases developed in successive inter-


third aboriginal, in whose blood both the blunt-tailed (F. per-

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9. When the afferent vessel cannot be occluded by Surgical

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and occasioned some inflammation and tenderness along the chain of

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nervous system. The duration of the seizure varies from a few hours

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was S.6 per cent in Case II, if one excepts the 9,8 per cent, found

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Certain cases of phthisis improve to a remarkable extent

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of the duodenum is excision indicated, to be followed by

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LONDON: Since is:.-) rHII.AnEM'HIA : Since 17!t2 MOMREAI,: Since 1897

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Soon after which abe became easieri and we left her with

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with an Introduction by Eric Pritchard, M.A., M.D., M.R.C.P.

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nitrate, tincture of iodine, sulphur, tar, carbolic acid, tannic

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glass, a glass slide answers very well, and the cotton tipped

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powers to successfully renew the parts being removed, the

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meritorious undertakings may he mentioned tiie estahlishinent

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slow and irregular. Pulse is 40 per minute ; respirations 10.

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blade will permit the sawing to be done on the exact curve of the floor

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Considerable may be done in this way to prolong life, and this GonseN

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the blood. The endemic areas in which the disease is found ;

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those trichinae which miss the muscles enter the lym-

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difficulty in rising from the sitting posture. Speaking is so trying that

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In this agency consists the efficiency of certain of the so-called disin-

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isms which were introduced at the time of the operation and

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tained of this leg, by the well-known Surgeons, whose names are

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Philadelphia Hospital, suff"ering with symptoms that

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the human frame diminishes by lapse of time, and at length wears

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that were formed of it. Its style is clear and forcible,

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in ax^^rio-sclerosis has not yet been determined. They may be the

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not certain wholly to recover, for still the disease was

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The facts collected by Dr. Hayward constitute so valuable a contribution to

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Kong which is available through commercial channels.

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left lung ; great tenderness on pressure over epigastrium, and left

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are certainly in feeble health, but there is no special kind of cachexia.


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