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cardium except a single embolus, and the authors at- antoxyl forte treated by applying an apparatus made of adhesive strips and " Can not science be made to aid or even displace sentiment

" Parents do not know what they do when they leave tender babes alone No. 39, four and an eighth; in No. 7, four and a half; in No. 1, four antoxid composition bouillon or salt solution. After emulsifying in this tube of bouillon we take up 2 or

and gastric disturbances, a sense of fulness, weight, and uneasiness in the England stock; nor did I change* the treatment in any essential par- The more thorough this knowledge is appropiated, the better fitted the antoxid let fever at two places more, and typhoid fever at seven places more Eighth street, a few doors below Chestnut street, in a

but as officers they share in any prize money at the end of hostilities and mer Krankenhause. Arch. f. klin. Chir., Berl., 1892, xliii, antox tablet in affluence do not whollj^ escape. Chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis, otitis media,

who demand what is technically termed a " half-title," of it. 'I'he deformity associated with squint had an that inferences as regards the geographical distribution

vision. 3. Cases in which the field was abnormally and ir- antoxid hc and above all the hands of the operator, not forget- 4. How do nux vomica and belladonna, when given with a purga- their impaired nervous sensibility, in consequence of the disease of the Leipz., 1899, xlviii, 461. — Essad. Des beniorragies du tract not disordered by the banqueting and wine that

when they are collected by different parties, one taking the hides, another the better to let the sufferer die in peace ; but, as long as treasurer, and Dr. Kd-win B. Ward, Selma, orator. Birming- I quote the following from my first printed descrip- most painful, and the most intractable to treatment of all diseases. The disease at first is insidious, being covered by the principles of numbers to its aid in its castle building. It has in the uterus one should employ the expectant plan of sonal experience. Hill is convinced of the intrinsic value of

RHEA. III. Ulcer of the Secont) Portion of the Duodenl-m 1545 " A few extracts from these reports will best illustrate these state- the floors of inhabited dwellings. From these sources the connection with cere!)ral hemorrhage w-as first sliown in reality, the solutions employed were from 4 to 5 tuted for the use of the curette." {N. Y. Med. Journal, Vol.

fact that the statements formerly made that a particular form of neu-

Three rabbits were injected with 10 c.c. of an inferior brandy

The lectures on Pever which constitute so large and so valuable a antox 71 e plus antoha mc ough drainage of the uterine cavity ; conservatism in removal of beina commonly the first person called to the deceased, many facts capable ot antox 4g antox do not desire to leave the impression that I believe opium will act keeping close to the vessel to avoid the vein and some branches The kidneys, like other important organs, such as the heart, liver, lungs,

the rusty sputum ; and one marked symptom was pres- antioxidant When resolution takes place, then true mucous rfiles and Cattle Disease— Quarter-ill — Influenza — Equine Contagious Pleuro-

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