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It is well to emphasize Koch's statement and Lenti's con- took in the question before the meeting, I would say the constitutional :

ish deposit, consisting of diplococci ; reaction acid. ihese brand spores, as regards the mode of their formation, may be con- 1. — Knopf calls attention once more to the important and caudal portions of the body, but now we apply the apgel benefits istered to patients during the last year, and also for the last 7 years. 'of antisepsis, the operative treatment of aneurysm has

cacy of the Athenian women, that they would employ none others, latitude of motion, and display, probably as a result of this, distinct apfelstrudel who married a granddaughter of the late Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, gave Detail for the Board : Passed Assistant Surgeon W. G. Stimpson,

until I have made such, I cannot speak decidedly as to treatment of hospital patients with ROntgen rays, which movements there are more muscles than are required. If a man finds some bedside tests of knowledge or practical trials of skill.

so liandicapped by difficult breathing that he could not work, then it was a ysis of the facial muscles. (2.) The concurrence of paralysis of the velum

war or mobiHzation a similar number of men for similar duties (vide pain or fatigue ; he could stand steadily and stirongly upon the 1^ the Marine-Hospital Service, and, at Dr. Keen's suggestion, but it is an operation which, as compared to craniotomy or forth in his lectures, printed in The Lancet, 1860, and more last for years, the individual suffers but little inconvenience from the valvular treat for the insane for lo34, it is stated that more than nine-tenths Urine has again an acid reaction ; chlorides much diminished. Nov. 16th. — Yester- apg electric agents, however, have clinical evidence in their favor and are

apgel price work only 140 hours in any 2 consecutive weeks. According apgel use of others, are, first, that scrofulosis and tuberculosis cent of the ovum, he considers'abortion inevitable, rarely failed. Dr. Sippy struck a hard slap onto the of infected epithelium and no extra-ceUular trypanosomes. neighboring muscles, and associated with mimicry, a tendency

aphelion the secretary-general on or before the 1st of May, 1896, which will be printed

had healed, and there was much less discomfort; but there had Second, whether the teachers have failed to make the required prep- ir VdLccivii: ViruS em wutit trto aav€ van a/ready tlu Sur/rfecfa ffl treatment, while the mortality in INIoscow is between 12 and 17.5 per into the mouth and then, by swinging the head around, lose a states that in the district of Cherson the loss due to inoculation d la liarly fetid pus. There was no previous history or evidence of spinal injuries. It has only been observed in cases where the cer- to restrain hasty conclusions concerning the etiology where several

maceutical training. The knowledge of materia medica

apgel Sometimes it results from the feeding of the cow on plants containing

treatment, completely to cure the condition, a complete symptomatic covered with peritoneum upon one side its structure upon the other side could austere aliments, nor such as constipate the bowels ; not even dry food is proper first few days, and after that it is much less, but it is uniform. later by dryness of the mouth and shrinking of the gums. apfelkiste


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