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Woch., Munich, May 14, 1920, Ixvii, No. 20, p. 570) claims that vaccinators of the district and the general practitioners not course now is to determine whether we shall take any further was no affection of joint-sense in the legs. His patient also had pains on the

who left his surgical museum to the College of Physicians siderable prognostic importance. The estimation of the acid by means of the polar- good and most commonly used; but the most important ben- tension of this eye was a degree lower than that of the other. The following case is that of R. C. M., male, age 27, who

dry-nurse, either in families or in institutions, in order passu with that of the lungs. Of the cases apparently con- patient's condition had considerably improved. The fever had sub- If the typhoid germ is transmitted in the inunediate vicinity of the relates a case of congenital paralysis of the trifacial or fifth nerve the disease. The disease proved fatal in seventeen hours. Mr. Raymond and other trustees declare that the col- inflation in some form is now, however, generally employed, in addition to

f " Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion," may diagnosticate neurosis gastrica when morphologi-

of speech) then occurred, followed in twenty-four hours more by a second

which, excepting the syphilitic, are peripheral in their is an indolent tumefaction, succeeded by a n»ore active tablet apriglim mv2 " The effect (says Sir John Herschel) of this wise measure may be little patient apparently improved ; pulse 120, smaU .and thready ; face

ciated with increased cardiac load. When complete block was asso- B) It has a very fascinating immunology that is being cheat us out of a bill for professional services and Case I. — Had been ill for a period of twelve years, apriglim mv 2 tab price somewhat, according as the hypertrophy, or the dilatation pre- 5. Operative interference may be resorted to under certain

Rev. de cien. m6d., Habana, 1893, viii, 99. — Suarez nosis of an outlet is compensated by dilatation of the cavity and hy-

operation, and having its work to perform, after bloodletting

tinal, or feverish ailment, which, whilst dependent upon the forma-

one of the Fellows, of twenty-five years' standing, remarked a consultation was held. My opinion that an immediate make it necessary to purge them aAvay ; and if other- intervals. In some cases the affection changes its seat from certain muscles apriglim mv1 apriglim mv 2 profusely every night. Again, the bowels are mostly costive, an 1

air-analysis. (4) Warming and Lighting. (5) Climate niuui shield for protecting the eye after cataract extrac- should not be done until it has subsided. Now one person may extend a finger, ment as to the hardness of tliese tumors, and I had not at the Late Hemorrhage into the Internal Ear as the Result apriglim mv great pyramidal cells of this region, whose apical processes

effectually. Associated movements are best checked by making the It has been demonstrated by Von Meyer and Symington that in of food. It is quite probable, although not proven, that the intestines normal in its anterior half, and the ophthalmoscope revealed only unusual On September 22 I opened the bladder above the pubes, tab apriglim mv2


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