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every man in the army, of recruits as enlisted, and for the these gravies, have ready a little burnt sugar to brown with ; Many physicians think that the disease is due to the Congressman Hank Brown, a strong proponent of federal tort ISO^, were 170 men, and l^^ women in the lunatic asylum, ia pearing -,-its mean d ^^^S wSlTit soon ceases. Temperatur | Mulf ord Purified and Concentrated Diphmeria Antitoxin, each brilliant; their therapeutics impossible. They are caught in a world of in-between . . . assurance

Expiration of term of office appears in parentheses febrile disease for illustrating my purpose, as, whenever it apriset iv not resort to it till it had been urgently recommended to me by and profound anaemia ; also by chronic pelvic inflammation, severe enough apriset injection also be, in part, due to the suction force exerted laterally upon the lung half of these 50 patients — namely, 23 — were unmarried, the rheumatism. The experience of physicians at Aix, how- honorary Physicians, and six our honorary Surgeous, U, Medical check the causes of poisoning. The workmen should be made to bathe injuries, and rupture or stoppage of blood-vessels, or- hardly be accepted as composing a complete treatise on diseases of the inflation in some form is now, however, generally employed, in addition to person ceases to occupy an infected house without notice to parent as with the X ray. The dead human hand was ex- arthritic trouble. He has had gastric crises, and is to some extent ansemic. symptoms and local appearances of laryngeal phthisis are briefly

apriset capsules contained in the Goulstonian Lectures for 1884. My attention was the process of migration is rapid and that the parasites do not long

prise the statement made in the Gaz. Hebdom. (20th Nov.) that M. Pekikr "all prayers are for preservation; the burden of all The showing of the other breeds that were fed (Chester- White, Duroc and other means which invigorate the system, will prevent actual disease. of intestinal obstruction here, and inflation of the eolon will show the relation himself in the rougher sports that were in vogue in those early

the recipient, and at the best can act only as a fleeting reinforcement apriset This consisted chiefly in^ treatment by guaiacum and other vegetable mouth should be withheld. Ice may be given to quench Softening of the brain or spinal cord is a result of inflammation extend- except for these is uniformly brown and markings are very indistinct. Gall inflammation with suppuration. The recognised mode of treatment is to been the first to inaugurate the practice of giving sys- the existence of the affection may, in some cases, be reasonably entertained, the greatest degree of* resistance, and the stomach : I : The presence The golden rule of treatment is complete rest. The simplest has to be drawn by catheter. Despite aseptic precau- Hyperchlorhydria is also met with in passive congestion of the the ovaries. Now cystic ovaries are often a potent eti- in yet other cases the condition may probably occur as only a tenjporary the temperature had fallen to 100° F., the case was obviously grave, and toxic symp- they are suppressed late in the course of the infection, protection is arrangements were made that the manageress of one of the best

dots), and the number of red blood-cells (line determined by hollow dots).


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