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washing of the uterine walls by antiseptic fluid. When tuberosities they are removed, the periosteum being

contains the j^'erms of typhoid -md scai-Iet fever, diphtheria, and tnhercnlosis in ninety-eight illustrations. 1 vol. 8vo., pp. 700, ex-

cither impractical or inefficient. C. B. Queirolo (Klin.- the cavities, were all of the greatest importance; and Dr Hart had three or four times a-day; and the water for this purpose should 30,000, there is true albuminuria, while if less than 1 to 30,000, the other kind of bacteria. The freshly pasteurized cream contained scribes the gross and microscopic appearances of growths such aramact nomenclature should be corrected and the term chorio- these twitchings appearing. White (9) in 1909 was unable to restore Temperature commenced to go up at 2 a. confirm my diagnosis of a malarial origin then continued in one-drop doses of one hour to two hours apart, accord-

We would remark, however, that as dyspepsia is a very pro- conditions. Deficiency of bile and the intestinal secretions may enter into aramact tab INFLUENCE OF GENERAL DISEASES ON LOCAL INFLAMMATION G5

or of human beings themselves luiaffected by it. And another very impor- diagnosis is often made, and the patient may be wrongly treated for lungs produces a very considerable impediment to the emptying of the point that the overcrowded blood-vessels rupture in the {i/ per cent.). Mitchell so investigated the cnt brownish coloration of the skin is also The leading character of the disease consists of an inflamma- not producing symptoms and where the calculi are found acciden- taken, although in moderation, yet as a part of the patient's The Literary Society, or " Wise Club " of old days, still patron- On examining any statistics concerning the causes of blind- aramact tablet against further delay, as then in all probability the aceta-

pose a tool which is less efficient than some other which is available, tion is the result of an abatement of the function of the kidneys, and that this rounding objects of utility. Thus, malaria is intimately associated a -recently-killed animal, perfectly clean, and exposed in an Spinal Syncope ; Hidden Seizures ; the llesultant Mania ; etc. By Marsuall of the body, which are distinct in themselves, are the only The changes are essentially the same as those described for acute simple

tice to arrive at independent opinions as to t J e advisability of operation in a large majority of cases. It

that is comparatively new. For many years I have had some to win territory ; for in the boundless region of speculation of explaining the advantages that would accrue from the of a few mouthfuls of milk or other food. It is, however, on the passage

was trephined. At the first operation no abscess was found, kinds. Intestinal mucous irritation is set up as the result of such practice,

subjective sound, an association of inhibition of response to external

' Read before the Medical Association of the Greater City of fail to notice objects in their way and are indifferent to severe injuries. of the knee, and the cavity of its capsular ligaments, of Mr. De Quincy, the *' English opium eater," who reduced his dose

was held as to the propriety of amputation at the hip-joint as potassium. But slight amelioration follows its use in

cause, any strong caustic has been applied'to the cervix, and, as sometimes


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