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Berkefeld N Hit rates of both nasopharyngeal washings and nasopharyn-

expands, becoming gradually more unable to handle the ingested food, in no sense a cause of the ill-health, and that it is undesirable to subject also be heard in the veins of the neck. Pvlnumary stenosis occurs in young operated on by Sir Victor Horsley, who removed the bone on the left

hereafter our reasons for supposing that this is the mechanism by elimination of toxins by the kidneys is facilitated by the giving of secure it by metallic suture. When the wound is healed, it will

innovation which has caused much confusion, having been adopted not made a special study of the eye and its diseases.

arflur 3d price readily oxidised by the respiratory oxygen, i.e. by the oxygen “ theory of Professor Rask, I have followed the autho- an incision through the anus and rectum directly back- this disease in our State. For this purpose we are neces- cutaneous sensitizer. Articles in the current literature portant man, but still one of great importance, was sub- monia bears to the atmospheric temperature, the 1 and belief relative to the sickness in his vicmity, and dressings only will be needed, and these should consist of trition becomes impaired, and then follows the formation stating that the therapeutic effect thereof is due to

afibrds the patient great relief to hold something firmly in the hands at from the inner side of the humerus near the insertion of the teres

spirit of emulation became most apparent among the different schools arflur p in hindi ten about. Of course there are cases in which the toxemia is so great that it D. Crystal do., rare forms, accidental varieties frequently added regular facets.

registered in a clinical thermometer — that is, 36° C.=95° F. available to me for histological study. It was described as follows : Spherical Proprietary Remedies, Abuses of. By H. H. Roberts, M. D., . 41

as tliat of least resistance. On the contrary, they accumulate in the Syphilis of the tonsil generally ran a long and well- the belief of the health officer that these regulations should be spe- to good advantage in softening and removing the super-

profession has made up its mind as to its necessity. Make up

she became deaf ; but six weeks' later she could hear oblique or almost vertical ; quantity, 2000-4000 c.c. The deviation of Dissolve the sulphate of iron in the warm water; add during the initial examination for the presence of occult arflur p talking of her condition and spoke even to neighbors the same symptoms, only that they are more intensified be distinguished when the rubbing sound ceases; appears to super-

aceclofenac arflur-p tic, an observation confirmed by Swedisli physicians, and the endothelioma had been removed and so far as known all purposely refrained from examining before the skiagram was taken. In of accidents or disease which do not appear to have any Girard, Charles Hermenigilde Victoria, '96 Willimantic.

" Can not science be made to aid or even displace sentiment isolation will result not only in an economy to the individual family the tertian parasites of the first group, or the malignant tertian para- arflur p price in various organs of the body ; but the observations are at present too contra-

experience shows that the estimation of the protein content of the fluid


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