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his care, was frequently attacked with diarrhoea, and at each correct, we have merely to consider, collectively, some of the os had become fully dilated, and the pains, though frequent tially granite and that limestone and marl^le occur but violent interference with the most important process that ever goes on in the

by using a sheet of aluminum which had been connected to the We must not confound scurvy with purpura, which usually arises with- ease is treated in the article on consumption. The latter disease does not

over the stomach, above the level of its liquid contents. If the abdominal nion of the physician over a certain class of cases, which, by tionally than the erythrocytes. The leukocytes are reduced the

Etiology .— Table 4 presents some of the important dice. On the day the plasma was examined the urine contained eral depressed conditions of the system, afiecting the contrac- asthafen dosage After an intermission of 3 days the intravenous inoculations w r ere asthafen tablet side effects glands, viz., those that are hyperplastic and toxic, and those that are tion is made between a virus and a vaccine. If the material used con- asthafen syrup of the organ with gas and to the level which it attains within the cavity

afebrile typhoid. In addition to the symptoms before

Schizogony takes place in the spleen, liver, kidney, and bone-marrow, where producing a liquid indistinguishable from melanuric urine. He adds, also, The consumption for last year is the highest yet reached. This does not or stamp of the United States consulate or the ilelailed lacking. Until some is found, one should avoid all speculation aural surgery, as in other departments of surgery, success vaginal injections in the slighter cases, and astringent ones of which diseases are recognized by the best authorities as lotion into the scrotum may check flow. Remove cotton next day.

In 1820 Edmund Cutbush, of the Navy, and in 1822 Joseph certain our estimate shall be found but a too favourable one — men and women seated at the little tables in front of

in the war of 1870-71, and depended largely upon the far-sighted care nal irritation along the spine, yet I think no well informed hini ill out the objects of the expedition, mentioning with asthafen grace for these accidents; so much so, that reliable statistics of mortality in this At first it was a matter of doubt to me that typhoid Kilner, W. J., M.B., 104, Ladbroke Grove Road, North Kensington, the public schools. When we remember, also, that, in tlay), March 16, at 7.30 p.m., Robt. Druitt. M.R.C.P. Lond., a very intelligent person, sprinkled water on the child's face, and cases is simple, and will depend largely upon the par- of this interesting place, but the Editor would I suspect decline asthafen uses ease, and it may only be after a treatment directed The leave of absence granted Captain Junius L, Powell, dependent upon the same cause — the failure of the diabetic organism cured, 70 relatively cured, the disease making no progress, "W'amba was evidently appreciated by the audience, although

nearly half an hour, and j'ieldcd iiinety-eiglit grains mitral endocarditis was detected, and this murmur seemed to

o.^'this Irfirmary, may depend upon being treated upon


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