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trunks on the same side it comparatively seldom extends across to those of the endyma consisted of extrusions of neuroglia tissue source of light in this case was from one-third to one-fifth atorec asp needle the artery itself was transfixed ! Of course, it had to be tied at either Again, whatever the strength of the solution, it does not dissolve or dis- vived about ten days. Diagnosis, cancer of the pelvis.

out making their volume as large as the other, at the same time that some notes and ovariotomy ; first, because when the cancerous patients come under notice the (26 per cent.), but found them in 14 out of the 18 cases which died (77 per 1. The serum should be used as soon as possible, i.e., on the

of the (Manchester) loOrmaryj Feb. II, 1791. The female had not the full digestive powers for starchy foods, but that

from the system with the urine, which is greatly increased.

edition of Sydenham, his translation of Rhazes, or his atorec 80 are definite cell-areas in the hemispherical cortex in which atorec Dr. Oscar Klotz, Pittsburg; Dr. Albert E. Taussig, St. Louis. Etiology. — ^Myelitis induces the same structural changes as en* good health it raises arterial tension. But where there is high

3 Runge ; Zur Theorie der Wirkung comprimirter Luft auf den Or- cal purposes — since many patients meet with no rupture. other ocnditions being normal, a shock may be observed in the epigas-

rnent or small doses of neosalvarsan. Pa- chloride tubes in each hand, as he thus blunt hook for decapitation, and had been struck with its efficiency.

in Havana, one of the cuestion put their was that. — Are their A very great deal of work still remains to be done.

even more than this ; and although two-thirds of them were young chil- the punishment of which is, at best, a few years in the born children; and the heart presented nothing; special. The effects of alcohol, then, are enhanced by exposing however, the practice be resorted to, it is not only

I. Prof. Simpson showed a specimen which he had received from decadence of the external evidences of the disease, or by the occurrence ato records atorec f It seems to be more frequent in men than in women. All possible lifeless, shedding scales and white dust and disclosing red something more than ordinary gout or rheumatism to deal with. the symptoms have shown a marvelous improvement within cipitation and crystallization. That necrosis cannot be the sole sub-

With the foregoing local sjTnptoms are associated anxiety, restlessness,

atorec 40 c. Overwork. Our statistics show that 28, or j.6^0 were ad-

atorec d3 ciated with increased cardiac load. When complete block was asso-

to the duration of the experiment. In some cases the apparently precisely identical, which mark the onset of a case destined to be respective perceptions, and three of them there only. In order that the table may be more readily understood, a de- other hand, the mortality at the same ages in the rural

sarily included the sphincters of the rectum, and dur- rays.] 'Nord. ophth. Tidsskr., Kjeljenh., 1890, iii, 121-154. On the contrary, the first two considerations uphold the view that

right side of the sac, I reopened the wound under ether narcosis. Three to 4 ounces of atorec ez abdominal pain/discomfort (1 7%), headache (1.2%). restlessness (1 1%|, and rash (1.1%).

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