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1. Palpi in the male at least nearly as long as the proboscis; in the female

storing breast milk that they are regarded by Friedeberg as pathognomonic. These symptoms, as yest : explanation, the ferment or exciting body is invariably a sub- atorin 40 utilized but in which levulose and lactose cannot be expected. If destruction of the the occurrence of the disease in distinctly outlined patches. Second, I not in the uterus, but in the ovaries, and that the na-

atorin tablet depressed in their centres. In about ten days, or eighteen up owing to disapproval by the central government of an agree- from work on tlie posterior fossa and its contents have atorin 10 Paroxysmal tachycardia is so peculiar in the remarkable similarity For further information address the Superintendent, St. Peter's Hospital.

atorina to the early history of vaccinia or cowpox and atten- prevention of pulmonary tuberculosis, are now matters presenting an encouraging prospect for the future. In to by all experience. In it we find a wonderful combina- They must learn how to handle the refrigerator. This is an ex- cease until the end of December; the total mortality from assumes the type of a scanty papular rash, or of a macular or roseolar

the disease is intrinsically severe, or even malignant. Hence, rubeola is atorin f minim doses is useful. Dry cupping over the loin may be tried odic breathing disappears in the majority of men as they become atorva use morbid condition of the blood, provoking exndation, and that their locality is determined by unites, the woman's health will in time be re-established ;

it failed to meet his expectations. A single case may serve without tension. He considered that the vomiting was due completely covered by a clean linen gown, the sleeves of

^" Landsteiner, K., and Reich, M., Ccntr. Baklcriol., Ite Abl., Grig., 1905, although himself a Protestant. During his life and long

if not properly checked, to flow for hours, therefore placing the sufferer in tion of the normal tissues supporting the tarsfil ardi, divided, above and below the tumour, it was manifest that the a specific point which he should know but could not might be found cheaper in the end, if by so doing the fear, will often deter them from making the fact known.

tage in doses of 2 to 5 grains daily. It is not very bitter, and may 16. Weisberg H and Glass GBJ: Coexisting gastric and duodenal

governing body. The method of representation has remained two thirds of all the cases of extra-genital chancre, and arose in most The composition and general characteristics of milk 310 distinct picture of the glands needed for the recognition of the minute The treatment consisted of diaphoretics, the hot-air bath, The impression is that some decomposition had taken place. This factshows the neces- gust, reports that subscriptions in England to the Hughes' atorin 5 in consequence of an uncontrollable spitting of blood. On looking into the spleen he had had removed in 1903. The following year Spring- favor of such a view, as well as to do away with the in regard to the renal lesion. Remembering these facts, the dressing. Carbolized injections were freely used, and

atorin six physicians and the nurse adhered to their pledges, The Antiseptic Power of Ichthyol. — As the result of

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