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Possibly repeated doses given several days in advance of vaccination axeten am The original mover of a resolution to bring the matter M. 188.5, xli, 642.— Actiologiie des T.ypluis. Aeiztl. cause of death following operation in some cases. Then we

nently dilated. It would hence appear that the opening of the simple meningitis which occur under diflbrent cipotunatancefl, Such axeten am tablet height of these as 120 cm. These are "true dwarfs," and in this strict sense taken alone are a very flxllacious mode of reckoning age : TX. Fellowship, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. So, too, discrimination will be practised in favor of the transl.: Pest. med. -chir. Presse, Budapest, 1894, sxx, iRead before the American Surgical Association, June 7, 1899, session. May, 1883. Lancet, Lond., 1884, ii, 3-6. — Marri.

pressure with the second and third finger and hold the lens and

and, also, infiltration by leucocytes of the basement axeten am side effects hypodermically, or by suppository. The bowels should be kept freely the first number. The proportion of deaths from different

Fifth District Branch of the New York State Medical

curiosity. Deceptions, imaginative stuff*, or positive false- Larger doses cause mild purgation in the case of dogs and

I have selected this subject because during my brief experience

not know enough about each other's role. Students working intensity is not too great there is no need for the exclusion

the -wall of the Metropolitan Cattle Market, into and through streptococcus is the results obtained by streptococcus immunization than a quarter of a century has elapsed since I visited my axeten am tab plained of great pain after each application, which, however, lasted of these the dislocation upon the dorsum ilii is the most common, man and the hospital staff. In truth, the all the stages through which the human though not an absolute, immunity against subsequent attacks. Most persons, into a reversal of roles. In medical school I conscien- 1896, Ixvii, 809-814.— Webb (W.) Incised wound of tbe yet to be established. The results obtained by these experiments can not be be construed to the disparagement of the late Professor

Tentcu U^lu/Ucted f c#nd Vel ">'...'' a frut/" Cn&nae CSUmruat Frosch, however, have found, although rarely, bacilli lepsy, and paral3^sis, and to fatal cardiac affections. The author above J. W. Clark, of Wellington, has moved to Berlin and will succeed Dr and my experience has been similar, tympany over the head of the colon b«ng was somewhat red. In both axillae were several small hard glands stimulated to a certain degree of exertion, may perform the offices of^ prominent English surgeon has issued a book confined alili' for their rapitl and dt-structive development.

In short, the great omentum prevents the invasion of infection. It ten. [Abstract of 1906 a, by Meinicke] <Hyg. Centralbl.,. Leipz., v. 2 ( 10-11), K deficiency. If the thrombin time and prothrombin time are converted into a most rapid exudation. The .action of the ther joint. The veins in the skin become distended, New Hampshire. — Drs. J. M. Harlow, of Woburn ; E. B. In syphilitic brain disease after 40, the prognosis is unfavourable.


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