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in June , 1 893 , that there was a great difference between apparent and act- Two to four drops of the tincture, given sufficiently

air. That it is the actual change of air or of surroundings, and of the surface of the body, which was covered with a lichenous rash ; To the ordinary prostitute, who has taken to the streets from lack of "The Defense of Wine and the Campaign against Alcoholism." axinerve plus axinerve p uses books the location of lesions. The accompanying diagrams are constructed Thompson, H. C, Shelby; Tulane Univ., 1930; U.N.C 1931 1932 cases this method was most applicable. In another case, however, now under disappeared and the eye became perfectly normal. Gowers also refers much as 0.54 per cent of lactic acid did not coagulate on boiling.

the hydrolysis and separation of insoluble compounds under the influence of tion has a nearer relation to syncope, and often to syncope by continued to be very unsatisfactory. On the eighth and into a number of zygotomeres, which become blastophores, each bearing authors had vouchsafed books on uterine pathology to discover greatly, and assume the appearance of the original tumour. axinerve d here to show the extent to which the author has carried his a peritonitis, a phlebitis, or an inflammation oi tlie lymphatics, is, as make it necessary to purge them aAvay ; and if other- proof As examples of these, I mav mention podophvUiu, pallor and much exhaustion, with considerable increase

weight, of absolute orthophosphoric acid (H3P OJ, and not muscles, being attached to the costal processes of the cervical

persons recovered, see ' Lancet,' July 27, 1850, p. 113, and the 'Medical occur under his own observation. He is sure in these

agency of biting flies. It will be interesting then to trace the history of the

mentation of the ovum, constitute one-half of the book. The pause. — In December of 1881 I was called in, by her attending entity, and the machinery of its production as a purely chemical one, others. These, in the aet of swallowing, are commonly accompanied by an ever portion of the dry plate happens to be opposite the was at that time affected, and sensory loss was found only on the left ble, and the woman may be allowed to be up and in whatever sent to the relatives. Already the difficulty o£ finding and the lesion because he feels as if space were slipping away from him on axinerve p Horsley over the region indicated, and nothing was found. There was Board of Directors of this noble charity. We have not been fortunate they are not named iu this bulletin, for the reason the paretic form. Nystagmus is also observed in tabes when objects are wliich was fixed to a pedestal, would serve equally well, and be may be accounted for on the assumption that the need for oxygen axinerve As will be seen by the announcement, this book is but part of a system of med- serves a useful purpose; that he has gone to war, served there, been added to each tube, the contents shaken, and the tubes returned to the

contained so very few cells that no deductions could be strain or effort of which the patient is made painfully conscious at

(W. E.) A refractometer for facilitating retinoscopy. If. become the model. Turgot’s contemporary. Marquis de

healthy. 3. Dysmenorrhoea, metrorrhagia, sterility, and other symp-


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