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tissues is shown by the results of removal of the thyroid gland in man and
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plants, as the impatiens aurea and maculaia of Mich., and infusions of
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increased power of breathing, was daily observable. At the end of the seven
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disc with a sharp-edge dead-white appearance, or greyish-white, with often
part. Such a change is well seen in the fingers in Raynaud's disease, and may be
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Frequency of Belapse. — Estimates vary from 3 to 18 per cent of cases,
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. bitter and nauseous when applied to the posterior surface, upon which
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Afler a few words in support of the bill by Mallory, the amendments
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or faintness ; pulse became frequent and small ; lower extremities ana-
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talents soon designated him as a (it character for the bench of the Su-
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normally much larger than the anterior roots, are now smaller, being some-
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irritation propagated to various parts of the system, and continuing for a
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ounces of healthy pus.* 1 was confined to the room in all five weeks.
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cut. — This institution was erected in 1823) and opened for the recep-
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known variety has been found in the human mouth, and in certain diseased
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difficulty in breathing, any one of which may destroy the patient. Some-
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will dye it of a bright yellow color, which is actually the color of these
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about to be enlarged and improved. Its present number of '""**?**
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communicates a most offensive odour to the breath. After a time the
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as the quality of the nutriment. Discrimination is no less to be made
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The examination of the tendon-jerks often affords most valuable informa-
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"^ It was considered doubtful when she came whether it would be
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first table another was then made, in which were brought together the
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peripheral nerves, whereas, in no case presenting the undoubted characters
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The nature of the disease was now at once apparent. It was clearly
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Respiratory movements are often noticeably lessened over the lower part
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the comparative immunity from pain associated with it (Fig. 8). Neuralgic
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under aerobic conditions. This assertion is in part true, for the tetanus bacillus
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the cases. In private conversations I had with M. Louis, be explained
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does not induce tetanus (Vaillard and Vincent, 1891 ; Vaillard and Rouget,
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generalised throughout the body. Bearing in mind these characters, it is
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phthisis, and in 2 out of 230 of other diseases, the stomach was twice
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surgeon, under all these annoyances, which operate directly against bis


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