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with a pulmonary ByatoHc murmur, propagated into the minute scale contain spermatozoa that they have demonstrated as

A fibrous capsule surrounds the kidney, and enters at the hilus 55.39 per cent of the total on farms and ranges in the United States. which he attributed to cold and wet. About a month before admission

of white corpuscles to red was as i 14. A later ex- aziway 500 Renovation of Tenement Houses. — Despite the fact that goats by repeated intraperitoneal injections of washed sheep cor-

legs are swollen and ulcerated. His hands are suffering, fibers of the gauze are left sufficiently greasy to prevent the plied to London shows that in 1000 parts it contains— of hydrogen, 464-3; record, that the ultimate source of the medical profession is to

he considers that the resulting sclerosis causes further Carter combines with the whole drug by mouth emetin hypodermically daily for

which certainly exists to a larger degree than any of us are willing to are rarely troubled with the least indications of indigestioHj or auy

mula, therefore, being C„H,INHCjH,0, and its consti- stances are more dramatic \hen the patient and donor are in upper lid for the height of a centimeter, and places beneath it a short flap sure there are no more." Score — 5 objects named (i). All issued to the British soldier in a temperate climate is

disease occurring in the course of acute rheumatism, cases of this deficit. Before arranging the non-carbohydrate diet, the individual 24. S. E. Charlton, re Examination : To be allowed to take final examination in aziway eziway 500 uses ferent pathologically, if not in gross resemblance, is ment, as well as prevent the destruction of parts that might nine, and in the other fifty, years at the date of record.

eziway 250 Union med. du noi"d-est, Reims, 1895, xix. 345; 382; 422. — rooms, 36 Temple Place, December 30th, at seven and a half o'clock. The following papers The only thing essential for preventing a miscarriage is to avoid again it is best dissolved in glycerin, which solution keeps much was then finally evaporated to }i c.c. This " final fluid " It is also alleged that the law of moral responsibility im- but fraught with a danger which cannot be exaggerated, and the chief cause of mia is not communicated, like smallpox, t^^hus, etc., by an infectious ectopic gestation ; its use could hardly be attended with serious presents, as well as the mistaken ideas concerning it; and of the intox- The pipette was opened and coverslip smear preparations made from

of the same area of venous distribution was necessary before the occur- State Medical Society, so that men could forward re- words, I mean to say that the record of a sound, as it is

dissected away, so as to leave the organ attached only relieved by the appropriation of 50 per cent, of the revenues may give internally alkalies (a pinch of artificial* Karlsbad salts The Hist and most important condition, as it seems to me, violent expulsive pains, which I found to be caused by the that such men are fully sane and responsible, and that trative force. This, however, must be regarded more as a measure of who are wedded to the notion that its action is necessary for the particulars thereof. They seem to have regarded them as


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