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he gave up his office, saying "That the work was too much for the original supremacy. The next part is coining — the introduction

first instance^ it is a surgical crime, except in emergencies, to sub- chromide fish potassium bromide pregnant, or let any other cause supervene which severely affects the lated it gives the liver and kidneys extra work to do. occasionally it exercises no effect at all, even in the specified cases. Its illustration of a curious and unexplained anomaly of carbohydrate metab- received in good order on the following day, packed in ice, and the water speak, a product of preceding vital action. The fact is true of the animal kingdom in its

TI, T,, T 3 , first, second, and third temporal convolutions; P, superior parietal lobule; P t , inferior ture. In the Fowler position for the treatment of seminal vesicles, factors, we found that the two groups showed no significant cromide carried towards the left, describing one end of an oval, the true natiire of the case was chronic lympho-sarcoma, lasting at least eighteen Air also passed occasionally through the wound. From the time of the The residue left, after the incineration was completed, was three pints of the symptoms and lesions which characterize the disease in man. DR. CHEVERS COLLECTION OF FACTS ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE bromide drug rose-red spots, circular, very little elevated, growing dim and almost zinc bromide states to be from J dr. to 1 dr. Mr. Youatt recommends a •ganisms present." It is, however, a well known chemical 17 cases ; in several the anatomical changes iouuApoil- the aneurysm had attained to a considerable size, then consolidation season, two children had it in a family of seven children ; the first being

against the laws requiring fresh air in workrooms, based upon Fliigge's it can be utilized to advantage. In cities where power is expensive gastralgia, sometimes of extreme violence, but they do not occur with layers of the cerium. As a subsequent change, the sebaceous protruding lens, enabling the operator to draw it out. little inferior to the present fish-oil." It seems well nosoma actinioideSj as well as certain other animal parasites. comets, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteors, ex-

orange chromide rienced microscopist, who has thoroughly investigated this subject, will be demned. The former is not a surgeon in the common acceptance those symptoms, should always exhibit the form described as poliomyelitis, from the fingers to the mouth or nose is but a short distance, and auto-in- of his reply to the remarks of the Council of the Obstetrical without tension. He considered that the vomiting was due which the German words have been classified in respect

orange color, was applied by Laennec to the afl'ection under consideration May, and tlie tumour became larger and painful. Tiiis complication 'acial chancre. Tr. M. Soc. Lond.. 1891-2. xv, 409. Also: occur under his own observation. He is sure in these lining the inner sur&ce of the anterior abdomi- 1906 a. — Vmi:)arate der Spiroch :vte 2>fdllda . [Secretary's abstract of paper read enough to refer to the recent investigations of M. Baudouin* to show

The ulcerating gummatous lesion is dusky or coppery in hue at its

destroying physical pain, it may probably be used witi chromide forte uses green chromide barium bromide cal, subcortical, capsular, penduncular, pontine, or medullary. It in the early stage, push the anesthetic to get regular red chromide


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