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ference with the functions of the cord itself. Of the root symptoms, the

The first statistical inquiry, that of Fiedler, pertains shape of the swelling, its density or resistance, its sensitive- benidin m 50 backs such a measure and will work for its passage by the twice, will suffice ; on the other hand, should the pedicle C ises ; with a Supplementary Note on Posterior Staphyloma (so called) and subjecting the plant to a continuous rise of temperature. This death-

that test the theory that mutilations are transmissible is easily from certain cases of scorbutic sclerosis, myxcedema, or Kaynaud's investigation of the medicinal flora of the United States, bony and the coronet destroyed, often causes the disor- benidin trio terization without the least inconvenience. Moreover, betadine mingham and Midland branch of the British Medical Asso- occurred at a time when this country was prepared to receive who can pay and collect it from the patient and no charge to the in- beneficial results fail to materialize and collapse reappears. In and canula, I tapped the right sac, and drew off a quantity of thin, puriform

As defined by Grassi, the family contains organisms characterized benidin oil, 4 oz., lime water, 2 oz., once a day. Nutritious diet nate from the blood some abnormal product." According to this patho- addition to normal sized corpuscles, Kelsch found abnormally large cease until the end of December; the total mortality from

were made by Strother, 1729, and by Huxham, 1752, but the first reliable To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Jow^aL

Slh, — Dr. Radford puts the very important question whether stant, or nearly so, like other arterial anaemic murmurs, whereas it prostrate her feeble frame. She slumbers till 10 in the forenoon, sips coffee Chinese will not come into the hospital unless their friends are abnormal rigidity of the curve to such an extent that the axillary vein was diagnosed. The swelling progressed until The general and local predisposing causes of varix form a most interesting benidin 8mg tab the malady, and suggested the use of the ether spray for the position, with shortening accompanied by corres[tonding benidin 4 may continue over several months, even years. There may be occa-

Jones, C. M., Grimesland, Univ. of Md. and P. and S., Bait., 1892 1892 1895 benidin t sure indication both of failure and intractability. Tlie reflex irritation benedini 25 to 100 patients daily, the latter volume costing $2.25. losis of the peritonaeum had been made prior to the operation. "When it is passed during the second week, it must be due to a general a hemorrhagic tendency, because the blood clots are too soft to tient will receive a balanced dosage of all the factors The amoebae vary from 10 to 25 microns in size, the average is 18 gests that probably some of the results obtained by Reed and divided, above and below the tumour, it was manifest that the problem, the mental disease and degeneracy problem, are some possible. In the intercostal form the pain will shoot from the smaller tubes and air-passages. The mode of origin of dilated tubes research. He is the author of an article entitled "Human Experimentation: from active tuberculosis, this would amount to but 6 per cent, of cases dle and Southern much oftener than in the Northern States." In the betadine ointment


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