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eafes of the Reins, Ureters, and Bladder, and to pro-
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circular we find four or five pages advertising one R. C. Flower
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Mr. Wheeler — of the faith curist, the Christian scientist, the
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Branches , ftahdrng more upright titan the firlt or
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Pound of Pot AJhes , diffoive them, by boiling in eight
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X-ray of intrathoracic goitre of patient shown in Fig. 3 (Fig. 4) 151
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full of Fibres not much unlike to the former • front
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Hcabarte , Without any order, but not fo fat or thick,
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nother , with feveral Fibres underneath them , from
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helps the noife in the Ears, and difcufles that Tu-
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cut green Leaves , <?// tf/ew/ o;? both fides of them ,
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on the Ground , fomewhat long and broad , little or
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the Parts affeded, they are good againlt Pains, Aches,
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occurring as the initial s;^Tiiptom in 13 per cent, of a series of 42 cases
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about 30,000 new cases are admitted to these hospitals, of which
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blowers on them, fet clofe together, which afterwards
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and rebellious Filtula’s, fofne good inward Wound-
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Plant ■ but becaufe feldom more than three come m
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cleanfes, dries, and heals almoll to a Miracle. Ap-
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lor, in others not fo dark, but rather of a whitijh
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ideas, which refer to him getting an independent position in life
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ufc 0/ Extra clum Efula:, with which he did wonder-
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a fmall black Root , not much differing from Our Com-
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Liquid Juice , and more powerful than it, for which
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Intrathoracic goitre after operation elsewhere for removal of cervical goitre
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■the other, fpread alfo into fome ether fmaller one -
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fpring : from the Head of this Root arijes a round,
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explain this disease. One wonders whether the medical world
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Roots, and Seed are all ufed : the Leaves are weak-
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Chapter , is in the Leaves , being narrow , and then
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go into anv extended account of his experiments. Suffice it to say
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fpefts to be drank as Beer or Ale , for the quench-
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daily post-operative notes show the patient's gTadual improvement up
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lfead. Gentian is hot and dry in the end of the fe-
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— , 0 alfo dented about the edges. The Stalk grows four,
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Stalks are 3 or 4 beet high , branched at their tops


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