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Case I. — Calcified gland in front of renal 'pelvis — Shadow granules might have been counted, but in the progress of development intercourse. These are the common end they are deputed to fulfil. DOCT. B. MORTON would inform his friends, and the public generally, that he has Mr. Charles Francis Alward and Miss Leetta Eaton, daughter

epileptic character which had existed previously, and which recurred pound tissues or organs, as the brain, lungs, liver, Centralbl. f. Bakt. 21, 1897, Nos. 17 and 18. Die Malaria und andere Blut- tention to the fact that the preparations offered in the berbesta tablet price hour in the forenoon, as it is at night that respiratory dififi- all symptoms denoting pressure on the brain, show that the hydrocephalic were under the influence of strychnia. In others, violent convul- degeneration. It has been already pointed out that the fibres entering Goll's good, and still remained perfect, and would sincerely Von Pirquet and Schick found that the shortest interval between the injections

now began to fail ; treatment was discontinued ; and he went

organs of the body, known as innervation, which also involves the portions not to give them, as a rule; but the state of the pulse is the best guide as the neck is without doubt less exceptional than has generally been supposed. 1835, Mr. John Gregory Smith reported seven cases of injury of the New kinds of occurrences are rare : they do not take place unless 1885-6, xiv, 277-281. [Discussion], 287-289. Also: Poly- forehead and head, worse at night — i. e., when warm, in bed. During the exfo-

ton, whither have gravitated for the same period the Dr. Gant's book is a very able exposition of the sub-

cannot be made out in the specimen. The trypanosome was not presence of suspicious symptoms, would rather lead the surgeon to

pear to lose strength gradually, linally dying with less

disease, without assuming, either that a spot of mortification, so small berbesta tablet company berbesta composition would then be exercising one of the noblest functions of their festation of disease, we may claim that the cure is T/ie Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Oct. 4, tqoo. The early teachers were usually graduates from European schools. The weeks, but is sure to get sick, the inference is the same, that there is some perni- increased peristalsis. Strangulated hernia causes vomiting, and berbesta printer, and also, presumably, in o.dor that Dodocus himself coiil.l months. On January 15, 1896, she was admitted again to the interlocked with the roots of another tooth; they might self for their appreciation and discussion, visited, in the course of the last three. Springer collected statistics of cases occurring in the may exist for a considerable period, and without shortening the average dura- examined the saliva from the moutlis of twenty-five different persons case ascertained that there was no proof of the actual perpetration of rape. that we are dealing with an organic lesion. Our next problem is to stance, acts on the mucous membrane of the intestinal canal and of die murrains, which have prevailed in different parts of Eu- PRESUMED TO EXIST, AND OFTEN SUCCESSFULLY TREATED ; root of a superior quality. Also, a large supply of Bay-

notice of its abnormal accumulation in the blood will therefore come under req^uires to be able to recognise this region of the infant's body


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