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Meningitis and Other Cerebral Disturbances. — Rohrer* reports fif-

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spraying, he found himself unable to turn his head or move his right

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orange is the Citrus vulgaris. We have no use for it except

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tion. If a )irovincial scale of fees should be adopted by the

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sweet, cheese, cofifee and cognac, service and attendance by

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was noticed between carbolic and simple enemata. It appears, there-

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value : (1) a yellowish-hroivn discoloration^ the so-called " malarial com-

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In cases of obstinate vomiting of pregnancy Buxbaum* obtained a

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the opinion that it is the brain that moulds the skull, not the

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fore, a reduction in the mortality of the disease of practically fifty per

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for it is pulled too green. In California it is better, but not

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ports this fruit like a drupe, round and smooth, with a shell

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temperature pursues the continued type (slight morning remissions),

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fidelity, and only among uncivilized peoples Avho are ignorant of or in-

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At a meeting held in Port Hope, October 12, the eight hospitals


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