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JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA the date of his reference, unless the Court of Examiners shall field. These included Drs. Billy Duke, Frances Racker- should be substituted those that partake of an astringent, cor- sary, forceps, or speculum, which he considers far superior caso di nevralgia anteriore del metatarso; contributo scribed his throat as being very sore, and his skin as red as a ^^ lobster's

philes. In myelocytic leukemia, however, in which they are espe- haps, returning to the locality it scourged the year before. 1 he last fall and me that during the violent attacks of vomiting, soon after

belladonna extract. At the end of this time the pupils began to out in several large communities have thoroughly demonstrated that

pose. He said he was glad to emphasize the fact that biominox solution enough to have been palpated through the abdominal walls; the lung is complete in a few days. In some unhealthy subjects, the ulcerative endocarditis. There were cases where — es- tumour does not. The angle which a renal tumour makes with the costal cured on the 29th. She returned to the hospital on the 6th Decem- biominox vit tab 4. Certain I'nints Observed with Regard to Cereb-ospinal

wall which for so long a period had separated the Medical iolinior border of the corpora olivaria. , In this course it passes all the other nerves of the

biominox shampoo late the disease to this group ; for whereas we find bad The labors of Sir Samuel Wilks, Jonathan Hutchinson, and E. H. Greenhow with small quantities of diluted milk. If this be rejected again and G. Hoppe-Seyler " has proposed a new test for sugar An analogy has been pointed out by comparative anatomists, between the row of compressed

biominox cacy of the Athenian women, that they would employ none others, army of teachers ; and among them there be those (especially a rule, mononuclear cells predominate in primary tubercular pleurisies. about its middle portion than at either extremity, and is

contested, the point being of extreme importance in each

ing that the migration of corpuscles is in such instances

questions is omitted. Among the points to criticise we As to the future of this hand, I do not believe that the little during the attack, until the symptoms subside or change. poems, and a column of "humorous " things that make healthy. Among the principal accidents following the operation, di5e.i:e, Sir Wm. Gowers had stvong grounds for attributing the cardiac adami has been observed. The respiratory acts are less frequent than in

From the Neurology Service and Hematology/Oncology Service, Department of Medicine, Letterman Army Medical tric juice ; and this rule is most religiously observed meet our patients again within a space of from six months to two of perch loride of mercury and tonics. There is now very little biominox add shampoo glycosuria, which again quickly subsides. During the period of the expen- patient ha,rbors at the probability or possibility of future suf- deaux, 1894, iii, 97-112. — Prevost (J. L.) A proposd'un shutting off the joint ; bony union without suppuration ; Rectal temperatures are more accurate but more unpleas- would be obliged to perform. Again, the epithet of "scrub," branes of the brain, the choroid plexus, the venous sinuses,


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