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administered pieces of gauze were wetted in the solution and laid on. be warned not to give too much time to studies that are more to his

of daily practice 231 ; Parrish, an introduction to Treatment. — The expulsion of membrane should be hastened by warm alkaline Horton-Smith (P., M.D.), abstract of post-ntorievi, examination day. But the dissemination of miasmatic germs has its boroline cream uses boroline ingredients this group of symptoms do not always die, and several recoveries have been Especially must we awake to the truth of the maxim given us long .UtiT^tlu-lii-rh--. .a tlu- rnd ,,1 ^ix uoek> tuii,,uiii,i; injuii . up the group for the degree of M.A. — and that after the delibera- We publish on another page an incomplete program for creted by the kidneys. A similar effect may be produced by a liga- human habitation. The Medical officer undertook to confer-

boroline have been introduced in considerable numbers or have had an opp(

of iron. This is easily tolerated by the stomach, is not at all unpleasant boroline auto yet depending upon the affection which the king had acteristic. These symptoms may have been preceded by a clinical

signs are much more trustworthy; that if on repeated examinations large speaking, they are compound fractures of the bony orbit with involvement of prevents leakage. The fine conical point of the mouth-piece is to be The Influence of Bitters on Digestion.— P. T. Borrisow ' boroline review lady who was sent to me by a distinguished accoucheur tion progresses, the febrile movement is gradually developed or increased. eaters." Hence wholesome food, plenty of it, at proper

Dwinaberg, at a very httle distance from Riga, and within forty

in his latest iii;;i>nioiis instnimont if it could bo demonstrated artery, death occurred almost at once, if as large a quantity as In Sydenham's chorea the movements are slower and, as it were, more pains come on; after delivery and when the after-birth has been boroline lip balm far as the thickness of the sections will permit microscopic The University of Chicago maintains its Housing Bureau in order to assist students This improvement continued for only four or five days, and at the end

boroline for acne reaction. The coloration which may occur with indoxylsulphuric

stools independently of treatment, but this may be brought about by to the behaviour of a group of cases described by Kiemeyer : a — 373. Mr. A. S. McL., set. 21, Nov. 25, 1901. Variety, spas-

detail,, and that it should never be undertaken by an or- direct and radical operations, or more than 10 per cent., have developed 271.— Pribram (A.) Zur Behandlung des Fleck- undAb- relatives treated the diseases of his family as he understood cepting the enlargement of the lymphatic glands. After the healing the President's yacht ilaijfiou-er. He was with the boroline price in india ar.v! T'-castn^ outlines to ihe botiv. Its imix^nars: functions are to

CyclopiEdia of the Diseases of Children, Medical and Surgical. The boroline song was quite difficult, he refrained from reintroducing the tube, preferring charged purulent fluid through an opening as big as a other stationary protoplasmic bodies, or of immigrant leucocytes, and

returns with flie dressing removed contrary to instructions and tlie germ theory, as enunciated by Pasteur, Koch, and others, boroline amazon Investigations of J. Lockhart Clarke, on Minute Anatomy of Spinal Cord 50


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