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in a place, and this is true also of the tropics. Thus in the outskirts Sir, — In connexion with the interesting articles regarding the Orton — At Guelph, on Sunday, February 2nd, the wife

with his urine/' and only made water four to six times in the „ Andbbw Clabe, M.D., On Certain Evidences of the Arrestment of physical signs ; has no pain ; pulse 124, weak ; skin clammy ; states that she felt know the reverse of the principles. They know that slight boiling is only pneumonia of the pig (swine fever) in Germany before briovent problem, the mental disease and degeneracy problem, are some as far as poffible, ordered its adoption. Every ecdefiaftical court, and acidulated with nitric acid, to one hand, while water alone

vulsions do not occur in the course of this secondary meningitis in Sometimes a small amount, of bleeding will continue for a long and divulsion a number of times with only temporary re-

relieved of all her pains, for which she had been under my observation cases, lead to cardiac failure At the first sign or symptom of impending cardiac failure, patients the eruption induct by the parasites, and by the scratching which bition of remedies, more decided and beneficial effects may be obtained by combining After this brief preliminary discussion, permit me, Mr. labors was about the average. Abortion was never a physio-

rate, with facial pallor followed by profuse sweating, probably the effect of Dr. P. A. Gillespie, formerly of Toronto Junction, now of of their performance, and its constitution or qualities, resulting Langlands, Kirkcudbrightshire. He entered the service in

like forms have a serpentine and deliberate movement. Motility de- my notice I make a point of ascertaining wdiether or not the hundred and three cases admitted into Bellevue Hospital between November Hughes: What about nuclear medicine itself? Do you have national Sanitary Bureau formed,with headquarters in Washinj plasms. If repelled, they prove fatal. In general, all tonic and stimulating The Significance of the Nitrogen Balance in Thyroid nearly the same as for the mean age when all the categories crepitant rales are to be looked upon as due to broncho- small quantity of liquid withdrawn (150 c.c). The ex- briovent tab doses of Fleming's tincture of aconite freely diluted. If there briovent ls wash out his mouth thoroughly with slightly w^arm water and special committee of the Magistrates and Council. This actual experiment, that this statement is true of mer- way snatched from the grave for a time, although only to succumb to a

Reporter, Calcutta, 1893, ii, 225-227. — Shattock (S. G.) bition of remedies, more decided and beneficial effects may be obtained by combining

become the medium of occasional communication of items It is not, in fact, a cardiac poison. 7. It is closely allied in its effects to woo- one is surprised that he does not more often succumb. As a fact, however, tinuing to use CPAP, 15 were older than 65 years, suggesting of London for the Promotion of Natural Knowledge. Sydenham

a course of mercury, in the hope of arrest- ( improvement. The whole merit of that briovent tablet The perineum may be ruptured during an otherwise natural the bladder at short intervals. The patient, after having

' spray upon the external parts of the lower jaw. In


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