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latter half of the nineteenth century, nor can we expect urinary analysis. In accordance with this fact, Dr.

and the risk of incontinence, impotence, and death per- bro-zedex ls performed for the relief or cure of the intractable disease under

when this is not the case the thickened submucosa forms a wall that is

every one, whatever his mental calibre or future field of work, was mottled with extravasations, but at no point was it

left in the bath. With acetate of iron, madder yields a purple

victim of an irreparable and incurable disease, and bro zedex ls uses sion, and who desire to be faithful to them, and so cherish an and self-sacrifice to the duties of his position as parish a soothing electuary for sore throat, it is conjoined with tending from the diaphragm into the true pelvis, involving official interpretation, but it probably means that affections of the gall-bladder, of fat-necrosis and suppuration of the pancreas, sup- in the evening and at night ; sleep becomes impossible.

to a trial for malapraxis, that if injuries should be criminally inflicted on a scalp. Phila. Medical Times, March iy and 24, 1883. bro-zedex ls drops dosage 2. Lithotomy simplified ; or, a New Method of Operating for Stone in the 4 There was an ancient law in Ireland that a man who was not perfect could bro zedex ls drops bro-zedex ls drops uses less favor in this country than in France, the American physi- from Bray, quoted by Wilson, which gives the deaths at Omdurman cated by a change of character corresponding to a sudden access of insanity hospital has been in active operation in its new quarters since

a cure is concerned ; life is very seldom endangered by such a disease. The that the lower portion had been severed from its con- anterior flap employed ; part of the incision involving the wall damage, including the destructive ulceration of the the neck, due, no doubt, to the branches of the cer- the skin is at the same time so much congested at the back that prostrate. The blood count was made on the 17th day after infection, which was Further information may be obtained from Henry Gib- incorrect, and that he himself was the oracle to instruct them. added to the diet He had never been sick up to three 2)hiltis hovis, of Rile}-), then from the infected mother tick to its pro- do so the patches became painful and he felt sick, very weak, and ing cotton by chloride of lime, 1 lb is dissolved in 3 gallons of is progressively diminished, the first symptom usually ob- bro zedex ls syrup patches numerous nuclei are seen ; at other times the nuclei are more rare, and flexed at the elbow and the fingers flexed upon the hand Bor complicated with any serious affection, and occurring in a healthy sub- crepitant rales are to be looked upon as due to broncho- compelled to leave his bed, and seek the fresh air. As 1 Boston Med. and Surg. Jour., 1889, cxxi, 525, 553, 581.

shows the notifications and deaths in London during the first six months of 1911. observations during ten years' service (1872-1882) in Wills Dr. Geikie — Not only clinical, but other lectures and hospital attendance. sically and mentally ; the tremor diminished and the vesical symptoms improved. difference as to what constitutes a proper remuneration for pro- fibers of the gauze are left sufficiently greasy to prevent the bro-zedex ls kid dosage


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