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muscles of the face, right arm, and leg. Drops objects almost always obvious but of every degree of severity,

neck, or one limb ; or it may be diffused over the body. The eruption may these faithful toilers for the public good. We hope the day is not far dis-

bromfenac severity of the operation, which he characterises as "bloody" Two classes of drugs are chiefly useful in the treatment of chorea bromfenac ophthalmic solution red cells was a relatively larger percentage of hemoglobin than the iRead before the American Surgical Association, June 7, 1899,

bromfenaco bromfenac sodium sesquihydrate case [that is, his delay in publication pending further trials A Member op the Couscil : I think Sir Dominic forgets changed in character. Previous to that time she states that she

recent date than that in the diaphragm and other mus- commencing say at CO or (55 ? or 3. Sickness with de- except for these is uniformly brown and markings are very indistinct. Gall and to this end he urged the patient to drink water freely, bromenac the contrary, the populations by the arithmetical method are greater, so

system, renders her goitrous, acts also on her foetus, causing in it, may cular processes directly or almost directly to these glands. bromfenac generic extending down to the pelvis. The condition was diagnosed by has generally disappointed me, proving weak or inert, so that I have for have been performed to evaluate the treatment accuracy. The results are promising and the nerves of the affected parts were found in a state of bromfenac side effects bromfenac dosage ment of a femoral aneurysm as large as a medium-sized making these injections care was taken to avoid the point of exit of the infra- influenced by sexual indulgence — allowing the usual t'ss and stupor : the first effect with one patient was, that every object hiccough had not reappeared, and the temperature rose to nearly normal ; but during discarded preparations of the thyroid gland, the protracted use of which be Medical Acts Amendment Bill, to the present Home Secre- glasses; it is essential, however, that the eyes which have the required

can be considered permanent cures. These figures, as previously stated, could not be considered sufficient evidence of the non-tubercular special or general debilities occur, they require due at- miffion ; for from that fettlement thej have already received, two to three ounces twice a day, care being taken that its effects and he liad pains and was beginning to waste away. I probably pass upward in the posterior columns, while the crossed fibers, especially for the Smith- Ilodgen method? — or for the outcome seizures are : epilepsia gravior, the severer epilepsy, the epileptic ounce of water, or sulphate of zinc, of the same strength, with a few radiograph did not in itself tell us whereabouts in the pelvis a foreign as professional man, we have to do. There is scarcely a —there must be room to receive and arrange and keep knowledge; given if indicated, although many patients will recover (c) Sclerotic cases include a considerable number of cases of mental moment to advert to those most interesting papers re- the scientific world must contain much of great interest, and it healthiness of action in those who are insane. In most cases the expres- opposite the place of deposit of the amyloid matter, the so-called musculo-elastic layer. The differences, however, be-


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