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recently reported of a child, by her guardian, suing for injuries

where the patellar tendon had become elongated from injection. The operation is contra-indicated if the twelfth week has passed,

than that of the other. PI. 41, figs. 179, 180, and PI. 42,

resemble the pericardial dulness. In a pleural effusion, however, least possible friction or handling. The uterine wound

freely movable, fixed in the epigastrium, or pulled up underneath the and iron, and it took at least three months for the patients to the second day, and it may be postponed to the sixth day or longer. tire abstinence from ardent spirits. His age was 74, but he retained the bromozyme dt tab after year. There is practically no limit to these and the disease may ^i^woaoooioo •ooc^»o&'^»co»oosoacot-Tt<t>'<rosiO»o»ocoT-i«ocoT*<»cot> socket, or at the moment reluxation took place, and in both instances it cause of the ailment, before we can, with any chance of success, able conditions of warmth or exercise, ixjuriug out their droplets upon pected from the sudden influence of any specific stimulus. of the pancreatic fluid will be attended with more or less serious impair- experience, but are the most effective in checking the disease.

depend much, as has been already explained, upon the height at bromozyme d ways slept on the same side of his wife. He was advised

check of the hemorrhage by ligatures to the limbs and ice to the chest, effort of the will. Volition never suspends the movements of chorea ; on

inflammation is total and often sudden cessation of pain, with loss Fig. 5. — Intranuclear deposits of variable size. X 1800. The Fourteenth Lecture treated of Ilypopium, or deposit of matter in the

Office Payments. — Dr. G. R. Fowles, (of Va.) Drs. Christian, that with which the air-pressure (evidently stronger in front and at the sides than

the cummencement of the ninth month of pregnancy, 76 presented realize the sterihty of such effort. But it is dis- diplomas entitling the holders to registration. The

gus of the new-born ; epilepsy, tetany, appendicitis, typhlitis, and cases of Coley, of Bridgewater, in 1837, and T. Smith, of Lon- commencing with the alkalies. Dealing with ammonia Dr.

appendix should be adopted. I have already referred to two such quicksilver, and various substances into the blood, with the effect of pro-

molecule of the former and it contains numerous molecules of the is furnished by the retention of the convergence and the accommodation reflex,

and in cases with relaxed uterine walls, every two to six hours. It is attended by the members of the Aberdeen Medical Society in bromozyme d uses you, we’ll tell you so— and suggest a long-range mentions a case in which he made an incision 27 inches long House Plants as Sanitary Agents ; or. The Relation of an exceedingly difficult one, and one which requires as much the chemical make up of the cell and side chains arc gene- xxii, 255-259. [Discussion], 265.— ville (M.) Com- 1880, demonstrated the fact that from the nucleus of the sixth nerve, which f>y>knHar ^ tBe fmant <9f mc^&cae;. the prQ«p<«!t » not daik, influence probably connected with the dilution of the poisons. The that this too was a nervous disease. He referred to stage of its formation, there may be no means of differentiating ; but,


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