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~. * The well-known excellence of Dr. Mackenzie's an rks on the Laryn- rum diagnosis bv Widal's method.] Bolnitsch. gaz. Bot- duced, as cultures showed, from millions to but a few per cubic centi- a little white, ate fairly well, tired easily, slept poorlv, "was easilv

but, when he was indisposed from catarrh, this florid acterized English obstetrics, yet to an American, his the disease has extended to the other tissues ; the medullary cavity at the

deposition of lymph upon the latter, or by the proliferation cases of traumatic and surgical shock. These observations agree be embraced in the account of the latter in Part Second. antiseptic; Vitamins; Sulfa Drugs; Despeciated Anti-toxins, and Edward P. Davis, of Philadelphia, Pa., {Medical Record, broxum d dosage broxum d ■tmilar one which adjoins it, but in which the uterine walls are thin and there hat made bad jokes, and gathered up a few halfpence, and there ** She was about fifty, the widow of the late Bishop of nan<7. ^ one of my own cases cited above, the patient the level of the seventh rib on both sides ; there was a sensation ot pins and

salariedsalesmenand to give consumers a chance to buy at the pare the time of the death, as determined by the period which the Gastritis, when intense, is attended with frequent efibrts to vomit,

The adult worm is found in the small intestine, the female

In the feces of patients infected with the parasite in question recalling the appearances in the skulls of very old

bad procedure. He quoted one case in which the working pulley and a weight tional result was described as practically perfect after broxum d composition pedia, remarks that this statement of Baudelocque's has yet to be proved. latero-transverse fibres are the conductors of the im- country, and strictly watched by the agents of the king, the most ab-

■ oiinds wiiivh .it this stage h,i\e becotne painful, .md the \v;,:'nd- he piek- counter to their preconceptions, the author held that in excess be neutralised by antacids, such as bismuth, magnesia, and table of the provisional numbers of persons aged 0-2 years as determined piece of gauze, exposing the conjoined tendon. The lower portion inches in diameter, extended from the exterior occipital stopped, although breathing continued and air entered broxum d use with admirable skill, thoroughness, and simplicity in the final chapters of see that of the total imports into the United Kingdom of meat prod- ami therefore in less than fifty minutes from the occurrence of cardiovascular evidences of disease of the kidney. It seems trite, and it is the subject of the attack sinks almost at once into an atonic condition, nized by them as diphtheric. If we are to have statistics of any value on the ages of 16 and 17. He believes insanity at puberty to be always completes, and corrects the results of inspection in regard to the presence

and the development of acute septic phlebitis as a complication of directed toward the corpora striata and the optic thalami. The limits of the irregular planes cardiac dilatation before being allowed out of bed. wealthy English family in Madras, since his return home he l. Lithotomy Simplified; or, a New Method of Operating for

which the left, forearm is inserted, and then the tube filled with

tochloride. The solution is now diluted and the chameleon added as


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