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of red blood cells, 4,800,000; haemoglobin, from eighty to

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cases now reported show the great value of the method, a diagnosis being

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for the old writers, and many more recent ones as well, were disposed to

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and the large, mononuclear leucocytes, since he be-

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transverse colon a^ in posterior gastroenterostomy,

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cian, and a better adaptation of instruments to the end desired ; and in

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had an aversion for foods and drink of all kinds, had taken

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upon the left sphenoidal sinus, with the* result that vision

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It is hardly necessary to speak of the diagnosis of cancer of the

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ing will often be arrested at once ; but, if necessary, the proceeding may be

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marked eccentration of the nucleus, which is usual-

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a few erythrocytes. Cystoscopic examination showed a

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ing of its lining-membrane or by the pressure of the adenoid growth,

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sized a point of technique after an experience with

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while the comment made by the reviewer is from the point of view

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congestion and rupture of vessels in the nasal fossae. In all these cases the

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must be so movable that it can be drawn down to the vulva does not now

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hand up suddenly ; the return of the wall will give

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ing the patience, extensive information, and painstaking industry of the

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exciting action upon the bulbar centre of tbe pneumogastric, which, when a

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Traumatic Hemorrhage into the White Brain-substance Cured by Sur-

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of the smaller vessels and capillaries, and sometimes

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have already shown that this is no standard or cri-

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necrosis of the kidney, however, is an extremely rare occurrence, there


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