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other confused ideas among physicians, such as the one origina-

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the seventh true rib and following the track of the original wound, was

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Belladonna for Orchitis. — We have received a letter from Dr. Rodney

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woodcut of Tyler Smith, in the Ma}*, 1856, number of the Lancet, (Amer.

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must necessarily be considerable cooliug before morning, and,

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observations, it will be seen that functional dysmenarrhcea may occur

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result from neglect of apparently simple affections of the gastro-

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the first few days. To the facts as touching this point : in many

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of the neck of the bladder, or of the prostate, and certain neuralgic affec-

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the chest, as given by Dr. Paine? Vide § 201, d, Institutes,

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hour, or every two hours. 2nd. The saline enema of the same

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I am a little better prepared to enter a sick room, than when I left

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Chloroform as soon as the slighest convulsive movement occurred ;

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that is claimed by Dr. Hall, and all that he has granted

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sharp and wirey; his parents informed me that he had not slept

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by visiting him at 1320 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, or they may be

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head of his column, in one of the hard fought battles of the late

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yet decided. Frenches has lately affirmed that the morbific agent

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the report a schedule of operations, with the name of the operator !

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nate circumstance in this case, since it favored the formation and continu-

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tained, and in considerable quantity — and the foetus must be pro-

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tains every thing necessary to support and nourish man, in

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inflammation ; and 4, cerebral disturbance. The great cause of

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dose of an occluded appendix. The malignant type of appendi-

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surgeons in the United States. In his System of Operative

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fermentations, apparently different kinds of fungi developed

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In regard to the times of eating, this must, in a considera-

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the lark, like the man who goes to roost with the chickens. As

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physiologists. Hales, Hunter, and others, assume that the

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The Society then proceeded to the election of delegates to the American

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