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age, whom they have been a year or so behind (Schmid-Monard). If the

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hibitory and penetrating power of these disinfectants, but it soon

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issue of this second edition, matter of the utmost controversy; or perhaps I

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plains ; but empiricism is — though often opposed — usually in

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used and an error is suspected it can be easily cleared up with

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membranes had ruptured anteriorly near the extremity of the fissure

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or between minima is almost always three days, with some two-

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clause 3 of the Bill, which enacts that, after a certain time, " No

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ferred to of the ears and skin of the scrotum in guinea-pigs are due

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that both according to my experience, and, I may say, according to

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concurrent, dry pleurisy. To relieve it, we may use dry cupping,

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important and interesting, and I shall certainly search for them,

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loo units of efficiency of the disinfectant as compared with loo

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that it could hardly be seen, covered by the epidermis, and escaping

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and middle fingers moving in circles or ellipses witkin small areas. In

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the results are that both the bodies and minds of a large section of

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of 1854, 1858, 1862, and 1866 ; and the very dates of the outbreaks

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cattle here were largely of the Harz and Swiss types.

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I do not doubt that the result will be a great improvement on the

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conditions for the production of toxin, and to test it on a suitable

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Hospital for Contagious Diseases. We wish to state here, that it

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3 c.c. of water in the incubator. Both sacs were kept under similar

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of aconite and glycerine spread on lint is more certain. Aconite,

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times a day. The author prefers antipyrin, phenacetin, and particularly

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a proper appreciation of the value of this quality is not present.

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we have those views matured and supported by ample statistical

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" head symptoms." The skin was of normal colour. I did not

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helped by complete rest, as every movement involves work on the part of

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the sufferer through the troubles caused by the reduced dose of the

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at the lowest safe level until the patient is taking from 100 to 150 G. of


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