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cers of the Medical Department, United States Army,
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to the consolidation), and the crepitant r&le at the end of inspiration is best
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tion which drew Galvani's attention to the new form of
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taught his branch better because no teacher ever knew^ the subject more
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(18.1 kgm.) were lost in two months, and in another 30 pounds (13.6
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If we turn to fever, we find that the animal poison to which it owes
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the fiscal year 187G than in any previous year of the existence of that service.
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of passage of milky urine in latter case antecedent to
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Db. Sarleb : There is one member of the board of control who
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process here begins in the bone-marrow, while syphilis
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diagnosis. Movable dulness does not exclude an underlying pneumonia,
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■• Von Ziemssen's " Handbook of General Therapeutics," 1885, vol. vii. p. 385,
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institutional 14 ; teachers 220. This indicates public saving in a small
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while its upper limit was depressed. He had a left-sided pleural
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the Philosophical Translation were by Messrs. Chenevix, Do-
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bis treatment consisted in bloodletting, so copious and "repeated, that they were not
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moved, by the decision of competent medical authorities,
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sities in 13,859,500 francs. The instruction of each student,
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before sclerosis had started in the cervical lateral columns. The latter view
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for their initial lesion infection in the oral cavity.
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tion. N. Orl. M. & S. J., 1887-8, n. s., xv, 616-023. —
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the prominent perpetuating cause has been removed — viz., the
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comment here, save the remark that in cases where a chronic
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periods between these acute attacks, they are giving
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when the records of other specialists are inquired into, it
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it subsides in a few days, but in patients with sensitive skin
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colunms. Strike out a few of the long-winded articles,
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Note handling of “edition,” “editor(s),” and “volume,” as well as ap-
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cases where I was not perfectly sure, though true metallic
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complications. This procedure is also limited by the
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occasionally one meets with typical gigantoblasts. The protoplasm
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effect of the metallic and the aerial spectra. An elevation of
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corrugated, almost white, no congestion perceptible, except in two or three
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oval and inactive. Complete loss of outward rotation and dis-
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occurrences of temporally related neurologic events have
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members to coeducation, a resolution was adopted rec-
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blessedness of imparting, from their abundance, to the wants of an Institution
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case does not in the least correspond with our former position. The puke,
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parieties, through and in a direction with the linea alba, midway
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gence is not a property of mere brain tissue, it may not be demonstrable
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mainly of spindle, but with some admixture of round cells.
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little muscular development or growth. At fifteen anxious


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