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Chilblains. — In the case of young . persons, and in those liable to be
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" Queen's pleasure lunatics " are criminal offenders of unsound mind not
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which was poorly supplied with blood-vessels and deficient in connective
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from depression and incapacity, both mental and physical. The tide of
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Heilserum,"1898. Erythema exfoliativum recurrens : 101. Brocq. J. Cut. and Ven.
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years. This effected a complete cure, and he is now a lecturer on
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chamber is no longer necessary. Alcohol or ether must
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industrious or thrifty. He remains with his congenital defect, and his
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all over, but gradually become detached from the margin inwards, while
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terically at the ridiculous appearance of the man of medicine.
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gan to put the never-varying primary inquiries : "How are
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flexed and the foot inverted with plantar flexion ; the wrist is usually
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educable and improvable, (c) Imbeciles of higher grade ; partially educable
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seen cases of syphilitic papular or macular eruption almost confined to
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forms of sexual vice and their relations to insanity are very various.
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Paralysis, Regent's Park, and to the Children's Hospital, Paddington Green.
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In 1791 Everard Home brought the subject before the Royal Society
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The blood shows no constant changes, though sometimes a certain
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changes when conditions essential to heat sterilization have been
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should be cleaned. It usually will suffice to clean the
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our hobgoblins ; it has removed the ancient landmarks and
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as mercury perchloride 1:2000. If the condition be very chronic, dilute
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such as urea, sugar, calcium, fats, amino acids, and Kjeldahl
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have relapses. Before perfect mental recovery takes place the signs of
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to undergo an exacerbation, with the onset of any great emotion or any
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on various parts of the body. The inflammation concerns the epidermis
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complete the resemblance. In his will, which was written
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yielded to the same ignoble infirmity that had made him
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the exhaustion of sleeplessness. Fluid extract of ergot (Heitzmann and
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Definition. — Secretion of pigmented sebum or sweat.
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" welded " together, and the superficial ones not being shed as in the
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