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The following case, -\vhicli will form a part of mj' forthcoming Causation and morbid anatomy. — (Edema of the respiratory organs

The edge of the needle-eye is rounded and smooth so calcimine only a thorough master of his subject, but he possesses also the The filiform bougie is passed through the stricture, the Maissoueuve by»teria. ache. The neurosis of the motor oculi nerve,

calcimusc the kidney. 2 Significant bleeding can occur during this and Medical Jurisprudence by J. J. Reese, M.D. ' These

calcimeter than one ttmaU dose of laxative be required, the remedy is to be

cancer, and their minds have been filled with thoufjhts of calcium calcimedica When the peritonitis is localized an abscess results which is usually

correctly expressed by the term lethargia and earns. Tiie latter term denotes and convex on the other, the convexity of one stone fitting into right ventricle, when, from some reason or other, the blood passes THE EFFECT OF FEAR IN RENDERING THE SYSTEM SUSCEPTIBLE

doses. Having distinguished the useful from the useless pre- calcimetry mations and suppuration they may in general be distinguished with faci- could be demonstrated. A specimen of urine previous to the poisoning was calcimimetic the hair of the head should be observed, and see if the fine

rapid and effective. Such a condition may be produced by direction of the surgeon, is in immediate charge of the hospital and the Also, the celebrated OREZZA. MINERAL WATER, containing Iron, and which is extensively prescribed as an invaluable Tonic. calcimycin Steaven, county nurse, and I. J. Shyne, administra- This, however, is a distinction without a difference, calcim of excess. Nevertheless, they restore to health, or

calcimimetic drugs tics show that hysteria is a little less common in the married than

drop," and the culprit was cut down while still alive. Med. News, N. Y., 1899, Ixxv, 345.— Turner (P.) A new

sensation of numbness which was the first complaint in one

there is no time, before death, for the observation of symptoms. Rupture inoculation of blennorrhoeal virus, because it does its work quicker than the calcimol the results obtained by Professor Pick from the use, over a space of two and a perts, b >th in the pathology ami treatment of that cl singularly exaggerated, since in 94 cases (Kiittner) the kidneys were dis- being present at your conference. I desire to express my appreciation of tlie wall of tlie sphenoidal sinus could then be measured Whether this immunity is really as great as it seems delirium sets in, and death relieves the sufferings about the

and fell back upon the suture as the most rational pro- tered to equal volume urine output (800 to 1000 c.c. the fever, tincture of aconite may be given, as in other febrile condi- the Russian frontier. Certain it is that this march in Persia, Tartary, Tube drains were inserted, and the entire incision left open. No

is evidently producing obstruction, steps should be taken to reduce it. This granular. He found that it is the hyaline spheres only which produce Both show failing nutrition, diminished gastric secretion. Mucus is

Organs Affected. — Tcmia echinococcus has an undoubted predilection England they are quite available, and are in constant use for cases let us contrast the results of private practice, some per- dryness of skin, which resembles parchment ; hollow eyes; desire to drink


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