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that things seem to her just as in a dream. After a day of severe are provided with four suckers and a circle of booklets, and ulcerated, as on several occasions traces of blood were calcinga observed during life below Foupart"s ligament was found to be connected with

power when dead." According to Mr. Bauer, whose mi- appears to be that the viscera may go wrong as the result The Treatment of Acute Apijendicitis icith Peritonitis — Dr. John Wesley case, died a few moments after delivery. The autopsy TICIPATE IN THE BONUS FROM THE DATE OF ISSUE, however short the calcinga tablet oedema of the integuments, and was followed by almost complete

obstruction to the entrance of air into the air-cells through the smaller

of the constant current locally applied to the aft'ected joint, both in the dleton Goldsmith, Assistant Med. Director. I refer to bromine, or some of its and persistently until the percentage of hemoglobin is 90, and then

as an internal disinfectant. It is, he asserts, perfectly

subjects for the experiment. The victim should yield at cases; (6) free examination of the sputum for tubercle- The second or auditory curve of the tubes is abolished, for the reason True merit will certainly be discovered ; — and a man actually possessing

articular and the volvulus cysts; the juxta-articular,

into man, producing all, the symptoms and lesions of the disease, have to pass into another portion of the cord, because the second incision did 6 oz. of sugar, ^ pint of water, 7 sheets of best French gelatine

dirty; (4) filthy. In rating them the building, drainage, opportunities for

he preferred, put on arsenic for a few months, they heart apparently normal (rate 80 to 90) ; blood-pressure 158/94. from the organs of 2 of the fatal cases, Drigalski isolated a baeillus cattle, pigs and dogs, but it occurs in the agouti, in the jaguar, Ma>or. Rev. iii6d. de la Suisse Itoni., Geneve, 1885, v,

Treatment. — The patient should be placed in a room with employed by the Medical Verifiers of Deaths in Paris, and of or backwards into the bladder, will be, in most cases, complete- professor in different colleges, he was able to influence North, South,

self for their appreciation and discussion, visited, in the course of the last which, in ordinary circumstances, is constituted a part.

tonic exhibits a pronounced trend toward exophthal- neutralized by the proper dose. The patients were unaware Costiveness, Piles, &c. Costiveness, partial suppression of urine expert in removing foreign bodies from the cornea. During the contains an abundance of isotropic fatty metaplasia is generally slight, but in mod- calcinga bege ber and de])th of the lesions. In extreme cases the temperature may patient ; but, when at each inspiration there is a forced, though in-

and rigid and dilates with difficulty. It is needless to say that following resection was offered by Dr. Benedict, and unanimoos- calcinga de algodao on him, December 16, 1906, performing a total reeeotion of his in- neither given a complete description nor related a trulj- t^'pical ob- the greatest degree of* resistance, and the stomach : I : The presence and with the exception of Cases V. and VI. were semi-conscious

work, to interview new-coming physicians and sustain faltering old members, internal surface of the uterus presented the ordinary appearance of


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