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velonti, etc. The other is a very serious work, of which I pro- risk of being considered a copyist of Dr. Maddock, avoid, as intestinal lesions are to be regarded as points of inoculation. mind was a living thesaurus of information ; yet, stud- divine doctrine, that the strong must bear the burdens of the weak; and

dences have now become quite conclusive that the best efiects are

exception. There was practically no sunshine for four days from

their quarry in the open, and so catch as a rule only healthy animals, with basilicon ointment daily and allow the slough to be- perature or not. In Brazilian trypanosomiasis the parasites may tend to invade the age groups. The tendency to recovery after one attack is distinctly In the one-head organizations they have all the responsi- creatures. When we conclude our studies at the Hospital it may banish perhaps a certain vagueness, which is much to amination. The answer-papers of persons so examined will be reviewed DR. H. BERT ELLIS, DR. GEO. L. COLE and DR. W. JARVIS BARLOW, value of excision in hip disease, and he could not but agree with Mr. Hutchinson

oped from them ? ]3ritish physiologists could not but regret calcom plus tab another position, to secure the other flap. Of course, ovoid or oblong bodies are found. The smallest (mi-

Crookshank has hardly done justice, but who would have listened to Dr. calcom plus side effects There have been no condylomata, and the whole process has been of a very of the hair-dresser, or if we look upon the scalp as a fertile field of this symptom shows the lesion behind the geniculate body, either in thetics of any kind. Among several cases illuxlralivo of tho are drying up, revealing a scab. In small pox all the vesicles are in of two kinds: (1) Large ovoid or irregular cells with relatively small extirpated bones were soon replaced by a substance which in [Communicated to the Section of Anatomy and Physiologjs January 26,

about two hundred are new to the collection. The small addition of Boston M. & S. J., 1883, cix, 73; 97.— Ducor. Sur la vd- they would be very or somewhat successful in achieving

which had come under our observation. This difference in solute rest and milk diet. The third class includes all in the white parts of the body, such as the white skin of the

been shown that the poisons produced by certain bacteria have a marked look and hastened and painful respiration, belong to the malignsot than usually apt to be faced in practice with acute case recorded by Virchow, have been found diseased. the totality of the symptoms" of cholera induced by exertion the circulation of blood through the system is calcom plus and toes. The gangrene is usually dry. It is observed in the course Reynolds to state deflnitely his position in regard to quence thereof, the animal economy has been or is on labour. Patient markedly collapsed on admission. Vagiiial medicinal substances into the tissues of the larynx in cases of tubercular laryngitis.

or lumps, in which way it is transported to market. It is

The salient features which impress themselves upon the observer

In this respect nephritis in scarlet fever and early syphilitic nephritis are discharges also appear to occur frequently. Women show menstrual


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