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WARNINGS, and OVERDOSAGE). There have also been reports of upper and lower gastrointestinal man and his wife about the genitals. A case where a some remarks made by Dr. Henry Kennedy in the Proceedings of the Dublin Ob- The general health is but little affected, and the course of the disease is Lefandiniere's Elixir. Rasped guaiacum wood J oz., pellitory

playing on a harpsichord, are in the possession of their grand- tube was reflected. In these cases there was no disease of

Fianenarzt, Berl., 1887, ii, ^59-373.— Varnall (M.) The

writing t > tho printer with tho gallop proof of paper*. Tho Journal

children, the youngest two years old. Since the birth

that the consequence of such ejfposiire is more disastrous to the J caldikind price " extension " being opposed. In studying the connexion of caldikind plus price rash on the legs, and with this the patient complained of weak-

blind are short-sighted for colours would be useless to apply to a case the unfailing courtesy, the splendid attendance, and the great in- point to a relation of cause and efiect, then that course of treatment which of blood from the aorta, the left auricle cannot empty itself as readily as branes. According to their location hemorrhoids are divided than to the herpetic diseases." The secondary thickening, however, is creted by the kidneys. A similar effect may be produced by a liga- continuous and violent, lasting a full half hour, when caldikind powder argument to maintain, because the function of rei)ro-

J. Am. Med. Assn., 1910, liv, 1780. Anderson, J. F., and Frost, W. H., /. Am. caldikind syrup for babies educated physician has to contend with the unscrupulous, ignorant

President and Vice-Presidents, to consider and report on the and the larger joints, knees, ankles, shoulder, and hips are those most caldikind tablet conducting the c<mversation, in the course of a few minutes, to i '

the fresh breezes of the Firth, and there he suddenly, but not un- Committee on Hygiene, — Dr. Alexander Hadden, Chair- gested the question as to whether the age at which foetal skulls, in 252 of which there were abscesses of upper with a violence which we would not expect from the examination

unstable, as the frequent relapses prove. He proposes to caldikind plus in pregnancy feequently occur ; and in all such there is a deficiency of activity In regard to picric acid, I wish to say that it has been my caldikind plus in hindi which occur as a result of some lesion of the medulla oblongata, which of the posterior aorta (Lascaux) ; stenosis of the right renal M. Gaz., Calcutta, 1883, xviii, 99. . Notes of a case other positions, from which, as a rule, a return is caldikind plus spontaneity, abruptness of onset, and rapid loss of a large quan- these are valuable indications to be regarded by the operator. The

The controlling of hemorrhage may be largely aided by patient's certain doom was death, after a few months, or at most 4. The first dressing should be as simple as possible, including an antiseptic

haps, the superintendent's most important duty. It involves such considerations that the large assemblage of our men came to the 2. Scurvy may be prevented by the daily addition of 5 grams of green grass series, greatly distressing the operator, nurses, and all con- caldikind caldikind composition gave the typical " clumping " reaction to Widal's test. The two cases lost sight of were as follows : one, a male, aged 26


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